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Application prospect of conductive ink in smart labels (Part 1)

at a printing Conference on smart labels in Europe, danlawrence, the manufacturer of flintink ink, said that with the development of technology, ink will likely replace the growing proportion of electronic components in some electronic devices. For integrated circuits, as we know, it may be completely replaced by ink

they have no visual function and have been excluded from the printing field for a long time. However, traditional printing technology and digital printing technology are now being applied to the production of smart labels. Although this kind of production is still small-scale at present, and the quantity is very small, we believe that in the near future, ink will have inestimable application prospects in the large-scale manufacturing of electronic data products, and this application will also partially change the printing method and the type of ink. Printing already has this technical ability to manufacture large-scale electronic materials, which can meet the large demand of the market for entering a new era of precision and cheap electronic components

there is still a long way to go for the printing industry to rise from the current printing of a large number of image products to the electronic manufacturing industry. An ordinary printing machine or printer cannot suddenly become a device for making electronic materials. However, it is not inconceivable that in a fairly clean working room, Heidelberg and others can be divided into three major categories: electro-hydraulic servo control material testing machine, electro-hydraulic proportional control material testing machine, and printing machine manufactured by electronic word printing equipment manufacturer will be able to produce electronic products. The new business of printing electronic products is not only a revolution in the printing industry, but also a revolution in the electronic industry. At that time, the production of electronic products will be a series of printing jobs scattered around the world, just like the current printing industry, rather than only a few large manufacturers like microchips and integrated circuits

smart tags in the world market will mainly exist in electronic goods supervision (EAS) and radio wave identification (RFID) systems. EAS is mainly used in retail anti theft devices, while RFID is mainly used to depict and track bulk goods through the supply chain. Another major market for smart labels printed with conductive ink is in diagnostic applications. For example, on some devices that display changes in temperature, pressure, light and humidity, and on devices that detect the presence of viruses, bacteria and gases. People have developed some photochromic or thermochromic inks, with which the color will change after light treatment, disinfection or curing. In hospitals, labels printed with this kind of ink can be used to check the disinfection and cleanliness of medical instruments and equipment

in Ford Motor Company, it is difficult for the staff to correctly judge whether the curing treatment is appropriate when the polyurethane suspended substance (a kind of coating) goes through a thermal curing treatment on the production line. Therefore, many vehicles will have poor quality, leading to vehicle recall and great losses. They adopted the advice of a special ink company. Before the curing treatment, a self-adhesive circulation point has been added to each part. These points start to be light red and turn black after the correct time of thermal curing. Ford Motor Company has proved the reliability of this method in practice in effectively removing the uncured part during processing. There are also some conductive oils that cause errors in hydraulic tests. Ink printed smart labels can help people judge whether the sunlight is suitable for human skin and prevent exposure. It is mainly some stickers, which can test the safety bottom line of the solar intensity on a certain type of skin. Beyond this intensity, the stickers will change color

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