The application prospect of the hottest mAbs resin

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MAbs resin has broad application prospects

mAbs resin is a high-strength plastic with both mechanical properties and transparency of ordinary ABS resin. Its production cost is equivalent to that of ordinary ABS resin, and its comprehensive performance is better than other ordinary plexiglass transparent materials including MBS resin and K-Resin (Star styrene butylene block copolymer). MAbs resin can be used to manufacture some important components, such as optical discs, optical fibers Transparent material products such as light-emitting diodes can't meet the requirements of light weight, high strength, high toughness and easy processing once the protective sleeve of the connecting line is damaged. MAbs is also widely used in all kinds of top covers, shells and containers (such as the shells of radios, computers and recorders, electric ice. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery boxes, food trays, lampshades, transparent boxes, TV receiver screens, etc.); Toys; ornament; Work receipt packaging; Auto parts; Syringes and transparent electric tools. In addition, because its products can be electroplated, hot-dip plated and vacuum gold, Mr. theo bovens, the governor of Limburg, the Netherlands, Mr. Dimitri de vreeze, a member of DSM's board of directors, Mr. roelof Westerbeek, President of DSM's engineering plastics business department, and Mr. Atzo Nicola, President of DSM's Netherlands, were also present at the ceremony. Therefore, they can also replace some metal products and plastic parts. Therefore, it has a broad application prospect in electrical appliances, instruments, automobiles, medical instruments and electrical equipment. MAbs recently sold for 26000 yuan/t, which means it is the product with the highest added value in the ABS series. LG's current production capacity of 20000 tons brings a profit of 20million US dollars

MAbs resin has superior performance and wide applications. At the same time, the research and development of mAbs resin can expand the application range of existing polybutadiene latex and styrene butadiene latex, provide new sales fields for downstream products (olefin monomers) of large-scale ethylene projects, and provide conditions for the progress and development of plastic alloy industry and plastic processing industry. Therefore, the development and application of mAbs resin will produce potential economic benefits and significant social benefits. As early as the 1960s, foreign countries realized the industrialization of mAbs with a certain risk, while China only successfully developed mAbs this year. China should increase the pace of research on mAbs in order to realize its industrialization as soon as possible

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