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The TV market was sluggish, and the panel industry was struggling in the second half of the year.

in the three weeks of the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, the overall sales scale of China's color TV market was 6.242 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 1%. Not only did the sales volume decline during the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, in fact, since the second half of the year, with the withdrawal of the subsidy policy for energy-saving products, the color TV market has entered a downturn. Terminal sales are sluggish, and it is difficult for the panel industry to insert collets in the second half of the year

according to the weekly data of Aowei consulting, the overall sales scale of China's color TV market in the Mid Autumn Festival and national day three weeks (September 16 to October 6) this year was 6.242 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 1% in 2012; Among them, LCD TVs sold 6.046 million units, flat year-on-year; Sales of plasma TVs were 151000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 25%; Traditional kinescope TVs sold 45000 units, down 33% year-on-year. Not only did the sales volume decline during the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, in fact, since the second half of the year, with the withdrawal of the subsidy policy for energy-saving products to benefit the people and other factors, it is convenient for the electricity market to enter the downturn by converting the color from hardness to intensity

with maximum torque display function; The sluggish sales of TV games will definitely affect the upstream panel industry. The latest statistical data released by his, a market research organization, recently showed that the shipment of TV panels showed a negative growth trend in the third quarter of this year, falling to 58million from 58.8 million in the second quarter, compared with 60million in the same period last year. His senior large-size panel analyst once said that the third quarter is the outpost for the panel to enter the peak sales season in the fourth quarter, and the sales volume should start to warm up gradually. It is surprising that panel shipments have not increased but decreased, and consumer demand is not as expected, which may continue to drag down panel suppliers

sales fell and prices fell

although at the beginning of this year, all panel manufacturers released radical shipping strategies, in the face of the reality of the market downturn, panel inventories were high, and the major panel factories' shipping goals this year were worrying. At the 2013 China flat panel display conference held a few days ago, Xie qinyi, general manager of DisplaySearch, said that subject to the suppression of the demand side, the panel industry will not have an inflection point this year, prices will continue to fall, and prices are expected to fall by another 5% in the month. At the same time, JPMorgan Chase also said that due to flat demand and high inventory, the panel industry began to deteriorate in September, and the panel factory has maintained a high capacity utilization rate in the past few quarters. It is estimated that the panel price will fall further in the fourth quarter and continue to the first quarter of next year

The latest monitoring report released by DisplaySearch shows that at present, the inventory of major domestic TV manufacturers is still at a high level because they stock up in the peak sales season at the end of the year. Whether the demand side recovers has not been established, and the sales data of new year's day and Spring Festival next year may be lower than previously expected. In addition, the inventory of major panel agents is still high. It can be predicted that the situation faced by panel factories this year is very serious

panel inventory is high, and the price channel is also moving downward. The latest panel price trend released by DisplaySearch on October 5 shows that the current terminal price of the panel is not optimistic. The data shows that the prices of various panels, including mobile terminals, TVs, notebooks, etc., are in the decline channel, among which the TV panel has the largest decline. The latest quotation of panels in various ranges from 32 inches to 50 inches has decreased by 2% compared with half a month ago. In the medium term, the price of 32 inch panels, the largest domestic shipment in the previous period, has fallen by 13.8% since June

insiders believe that the withdrawal of the subsidy policy of benefiting the people for energy-saving products will help the industry return to the market mechanism itself. In the later stage, the so-called energy efficiency standard leader system may only be for ultra-high energy efficiency flat-panel TV products, and the amount of subsidy is only 3billion yuan, and the coverage will be less than 20% of the products. On the demand side, especially the five key tasks of TV and advanced preparation and processing technology of non-ferrous/rare/rare precious metal materials, the suppression of market demand is still the death hole of the profit growth of the panel industry. Zhang Bing, director of China market research at DisplaySearch, said that recently, emerging manufacturers including Xiaomi, Coship, LETV, etc. have piled into China's smart TV market, disrupting China's smart TV market. Although its sales volume cannot compete with traditional TV manufacturers in the short term, its new smart TV operation mode will have a great impact on the flat TV market in mainland China in terms of price competition, pipeline changes and brand pattern, It is worth paying close attention to manufacturers in the industrial chain

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