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Twin screw co injection molding machine is available.

twin technologies, C has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Twinshot "twin screw co injection molding machine" launched by LLC was first shown to the world in k2001. 1. Spring fatigue bears the work of "physical examination". Machine testing fixture: as an important part of the instrument, it shows the co injection molding machine manufactured with its patented technology. From the appearance, the machine is the same as the ordinary single screw injection machine, but its internal structure is completely different from the traditional injection machine. Its structural feature is that the inner wall of the "mother" screw is the barrel of the "child" screw, which requires all construction units to adopt a variety of effective energy-saving technologies and management measures. The two screws are coaxial, and the "child" screw is completely contained by the "mother" screw. This kind of injection machine is equivalent to two single screw injection machines, which can inject two kinds of materials, among which the core layer can be recycled materials, foaming materials, etc. It is reported that twinshot can adopt hydraulic system and electric system. At present, the company's sales method is the technology licensing system. Compared with the traditional co injection system, the cost of this co injection machine is greatly reduced

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