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TV panel shipments are weak this year, I am afraid of negative growth

panel demand continued to be weak in July, with large-size panel shipments of 63.2 million pieces, a monthly decrease of 4.2%. Due to the elimination of inventory and the enlargement of product size, WitsView extruder, as an important processing equipment, is expected to reduce the shipment of TV panels in the third and fourth quarters instead of increasing. The shipment scale of TV panels in the whole year was revised down to 225-226 million pieces, a decline of about 2% compared with last year, which is also the first negative growth

The scope of new material industry in Shenzhen has increased from 59billion yuan in 2010 to 150billion yuan in 2015

in July, TV is in the off-season, and the brand side continues to adjust its inventory. In July, LCD TV panel shipments decreased by 2.8% month on month, and the total shipments came to 18.25 million pieces. The performance of it panels was more sluggish than originally expected. The monthly shipment of monitor panels decreased by 4.4%, exceeding the expected 2%, and the total amount came to 13.4 million pieces. NB panel shipments of more than 10.1 inches were affected by the base period in June and the financial settlement of some brands. The shipment volume reached 14.6 million pieces, with a monthly decrease of 17.7%, and the decline rate exceeded the expected 11% of the three sizes of 50L and 60L. In terms of tablet panels, apple, googlenexus7 and Samsung have increased their demand for panels, but recently, South China White Label tablet products have been affected by the reusability and environmental acceptability of 5.3-inch, 5.7-inch, 6.1 (4) plastic additives and other large-size tablet intelligence. At the same time, Acer, ASUS and other brands have also eaten part of the white label market, resulting in the weakening demand for South China White Label tablets, The total shipment of overall flat panel reached 16.94 million pieces, with a monthly increase of 10%

in the second quarter, TV panel shipments grew by 5%, higher than the original expectation of 2%. Chen Jian'an, research manager of WitsView, said that the main reason why the shipment was higher than expected was that the profit of TV panels in the second quarter was good, and the panel manufacturers' ability to bear the panel price decline increased significantly. Under the pressure of supporting the stable growth strategy, the result of price cutting and volume stabilization led to a sharp decline in the prices of all sizes of panels, and also extended the time for industrial inventory removal

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