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Before the hot weather, beverage packaging is generally "slimming"

entering may, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many citizens have found that various drinks are quietly slimming down. For this change, consumers believe that this is the disguised price increase of beverage manufacturers, and relevant economic experts also believe that the reduction of beverage capacity after changing clothes is the disguised price increase. However, for the doubts of consumers, the beverage companies said that the change was not for the purpose of raising prices, but based on the changes that have been widely used in the market in the front and rear bumper, instrument panel, door panel and column, so as to meet the needs of consumers

list of slimming products on the market

Coca Cola: canned beverages (355 ml to 330 ml)

Pepsi: canned beverages (355 ml to 330 ml)

Master Kang: Fruit oranges, crystal grapes, daily c series orange juice (500 ml to 450 ml), Iced Black Tea (550 ml to 500 ml)

unified from the "administrative assistant" in business: fresh orange (500 ml to 450 ml)

Yili ice factory cold drinks: Hawthorn Shuang (81 g to 75 g), borneol honey peach (93 G to 80 g)

Nestle drinks: original leaf green tea, original leaf iced black tea Bingshuang tea (500ml to 480ml)

meringue fruit orange (500ml to 450ml)

Leshi canned potato chips (120g to 110g)

Mengniu jujube yogurt (1.5kg to 1.2kg)

the beverage company said that the market and consumers decide

◆ Coca Cola: weight loss is a comprehensive consideration

the staff of the Foreign Affairs Department of Nanjing Zhongcui Food Co., Ltd. replied: we are very grateful to the media and consumers for their concern about Coca Cola. Each company has its own consideration for the outer packaging of products. As far as Coca Cola is concerned, the introduction of the new outer packaging is based on comprehensive factors

for example, consumers' drinking habits and the popular trend of beverages themselves are not simply a matter of cost. Different packages set the same price, which involves the problem of system pricing, such as sales channels, sales seasons, etc., which are all factors that make up this price. The pricing of this new 500 ml package is based on various factors in the local market

◆ Master Kong: Bottling adjustment is the need of appearance design.

Master Kong controls Hangzhou Dingyi Food Co., Ltd.: because a product needs to be fresh and keep up with the market at any time, we are making this kind of adjustment on bottling, whether it is the design of packaging materials in the early stage, including the change of production line, it also requires a lot of costs. In fact, at the end of last year, the shape of the bottle had been adjusted like this

since the beverage related raw materials held Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. as an enterprise in good faith and continued to rise, affecting the operating conditions of the beverage industry, 450ml beverage packaging has been adopted by many industries, which is not the original creation of Master Kang. Our products are aimed at young consumers, and its sense of fashion and freshness are necessary in the appearance design of our products. This adjustment was made before the Lunar New Year and should not be related to recent related issues

beverages are generally quietly slimming down

as may enters, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the peak season of beverage sales also comes. However, recently, citizens have found that the packaging of many drinks has changed, becoming more beautiful and fashionable, but with it, the capacity has also become smaller

Master Kang iced black tea is a drink that many citizens like to drink. Recently, the square packaging of the previous bottle has disappeared, turned into a circle, and the capacity has changed from 550 ml to 500 ml. The bottle body with more than one unified fresh orange is spirally concave, and the net content has also shrunk. With the price unchanged, the original capacity of 500 ml has quietly become 450 ml

as for the canned Pepsi Cola, the bottle body is one circle smaller than before, and the capacity has shrunk from 355 ml to 330 ml. it's really hard to detect it without looking carefully. However, for large bottles of beverages, the capacity is basically unchanged

in the supermarket interview, famous consumers also questioned the practice of the beverage company. No matter how small the volume is, it can be used as oral liquid. The capacity has become smaller, but the price has not changed. Isn't this a disguised price increase? In addition, the beverage company did not publicize the change of beverage in advance, which infringed the consumption. 10. Displacement resolution: 0.04 μ What about M's right to know

Price Bureau: it does not violate the provisions of the price law. Yesterday afternoon, a staff member of the Nanjing Price Bureau was consulted about this matter. She said that recently, they also received many questions about the smaller beverage capacity and the same price of beverage companies. For now, the beverage company's move does not violate the provisions of the price law

the staff member said that although the volume of drinks recently launched by beverage companies has decreased with the price unchanged, as long as the beverage companies clearly mark the volume of drinks on these beverage bottles, they will not violate the provisions of the price law. As for whether it involves a disguised price rise, it is not yet easy to rule

expert accounting

coke slimming

earn 6 cents more per bottle

marketing expert Li Zhiqi said that the solution itself saved by the reduction of coke products, coupled with the reduction of logistics costs caused by the weight reduction and the constant price, these three factors together, each bottle can save at least 6 cents for Kele company

Li Zhiqi introduced that the logistics cost of beverage enterprises is priced by weight. While reducing weight, the logistics cost is also decreasing. At the same time, with the weight reduction, the price of the terminal remains unchanged, which means that the cost of the terminal supermarket will not change

for a 600 ml bottle of coke, the most conservative estimate is that the gross profit rate will not be less than 20% of the selling price. Calculated at 3 yuan per bottle on the market, the gross profit rate of each bottle is 6 yuan. Cutting off 100 ml, in terms of the comprehensive cost, each bottle can increase the gross profit margin of coke company by at least 10%, that is, 6 cents. Beijing News

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