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Tang Wenbin of Kuangshi technology attended the CCTV financial forum to share the achievements of artificial intelligence

recently, the 2018 CCTV financial forum and the summit of Chinese listed companies with the theme of stable and far-reaching reform and opening up were held in Beijing. Among them, Tang Wenbin, co-founder and CTO of Beijing Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the event and participate in the round table discussion of AI · smart era Kai future sub venue. He discussed with the guests how to stimulate the new driving force of AI in various industries and do a good job in the implementation of AI products

figure: Tang Wenbin (2 on the right), co-founder and CTO of Kuangshi technology, was invited to attend the 2018 CCTV financial forum. At the forum, Tang Wenbin said that Kuangshi technology was actively exploring the application and implementation of AI products. Taking Kuangshi SkyEye as an example, he pointed out that although there were many cameras in cities and public areas in key places, these cameras were not really used, Artificial intelligence can give cameras the ability to mine deep data in the physical world, and apply the use skills and protection and maintenance of these large number of bellows ring stiffness testing machines to improve the efficiency of the whole society and economy

according to the introduction, based on the internationally leading face recognition and visual perception technology, and in combination with the technical needs of urban security, traffic, governance and other scenes, Kuangshi technology integrates AI visual technology and big data analysis technology developed by itself, such as face recognition, human shape recognition, cross camera tracking, vehicle recognition, video structuring, intelligent analysis, into the sky eye system, creating a personalized, visual The platform for intelligent analysis of key urban scene data and comprehensive management of the city has brought great improvements to similar safety and governance work in urban security, transportation, comprehensive management and other scenes. At present, Kuangshi technology has spread Tianyan in more than 100 cities in China, and provided intelligent solutions for major public activities, changing the contemporary mode of public security

the AI products and solutions of Kuangshi technology have been implemented in many industries

in fact, in addition to the urban security field where Kuangshi Tianyan has been implemented, Kuangshi technology, which has been established for 7 years, is implementing AI products in many industries such as, finance, park buildings, education, new retail, etc. along its strategic layout of ai+iot. In the retail field, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, Kuangshi technology perfectly links people, goods and markets, and then presents retail solutions through data to empower businesses. In the retail scene, smart sensing devices can help businesses obtain consumer big data that cannot be obtained in the traditional retail scene, such as age distribution, gender distribution, hot selling goods, etc., so as to help businesses continue to optimize business strategies, let businesses sell more money, and let consumers find the goods they want more quickly. Tang Wenbin explained

figure: Tang Wenbin shared the achievements of artificial intelligence at the CCTV Financial Forum

in the field of logistics, Kuangshi technology relies on artificial intelligence technology and advanced visual technology. It can use vision in the warehouse to check attendance, analyze and coordinate types of work, speed up inventory, etc., and improve work efficiency. At present, the logistics field of Kuangshi technology has included intelligent equipment such as shelves, cameras, robots, and the number has exceeded 15000. At the same time, the intelligent logistics robot and solution of Kuangshi technology have been adopted by Alibaba's rookie logistics, and have withstood the test of traffic pressure of major festivals such as double 11 and double 12. During this year's double 12, Kuangshi technology has more than 500 robots picking and moving goods for consumers in tmall supermarket in Tianjin. Compared with the situation in which more than 1000 people walked more than 30 kilometers in the weather of more than 10 degrees below zero in the past, the human-computer cooperation makes the efficiency of the whole warehouse work higher

in the financial field, based on face recognition technology, Kuangshi Technology launched faceid authentication service for remote real name scenes, which can provide users with rich authentication services from end to cloud. Today, Kuangshi technology has provided face recognition and verification services for many financial institutions, such as Ping An Bank, China CITIC Bank, Bank of Jiangsu, Xiaomi finance, Yiren loan, Chinatelecom wing payment, etc., to help financial institutions realize intellectualization of risk control system

in this regard, Tang Wenbin said: I pay more attention to the application of artificial intelligence in the retail and security scenarios, as well as the combined application with robots, such as manufacturing and logistics scenarios. Robot itself is not a scene, but like artificial intelligence, it is a means or tool that can further transform and optimize the scene and improve efficiency

statistics show that up to now, the AI products of Kuangshi technology have been successfully launched nationwide, enabling more than 1000 buildings and parks, covering enterprises, communities, supermarkets, campuses, exhibitions and many other scenes. It can be said that Kuangshi technology is Jiji south new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes the majority of users to call and consult, and actively promotes the industrial landing of AI technology in China and around the world, actively helps build smart cities around the world, and builds a digital China, while providing convenience for many enterprises to use AI technology to achieve industrial upgrading

the core of kuangzhi AI products is to let all cameras have a brain, which can explore richer data, understand the information contained therein, and produce value. The scene of the venue, the retail scene, and even the whole city will become more intelligent. Tang Wenbin said


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