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TwinCAT: realize a smooth loading and unloading process with the help of electronic cam disc

improve operability and synchronization

robowork's unloading robot can handle green bodies made of metal powder or ceramic powder and primary products used for indexable blades, gears or sealing discs. The high-performance RAG2 unloading system can take the green body out of the press smoothly and reliably. The system is controlled by Beckhoff industrial PC equipped with TwinCAT automation software

Headquartered in wiengateng, Germany, robowork Automation Co., Ltd. mainly designs and manufactures systems for loading/unloading presses and machine tools. Robowork customized equipment has adopted Beckhoff's control technology for more than 7 years. So far, Beckhoff's PC based control technology has been applied in all robowork production equipment (including high-performance RAG2 unloading system)

in the high-performance RAG2 unloading system, the green body can be taken out of the press smoothly and reliably. The system adopts Beckhoff industrial PC equipped with TwinCAT automation software for control

ultra high speed control, ultra short cycle time

the core part of the equipment is a 3-axis manipulator with transfer gripper. The gripper carefully takes the blank out of the press, checks the quality of the blank, and then puts it on the tray. RAG2 unloading system is used to handle molded products of molding machine, forming press or stamping machine. Clamping, transferring and positioning molded products made of metal powder or ceramic powder - raw materials for the manufacture of indexable blades, seat rings, gaskets or gears - is a huge challenge because the green body is still very soft and fragile. Norbert mehrle, control technology manager of robowork, said: "Too much grasping force or rough positioning caused by jerking action will damage the green bodies and make them unusable. Therefore, we need such a control system: it must be able to gently grasp and handle these green bodies - even at the highest speed. Beckhoff's control system fully meets our needs in this regard: the speed control system with short cycle and a large number of additional functions, such as motion control in the same system Braking and electronic cam functions. "

the core part of the equipment is a 3-axis manipulator with a transmission gripper. The gripper carefully takes the green body out of the press,

checks the quality of the green body, and then puts it on the tray

to achieve ideal integration

the core of the unloading system controller is an industrial PC C6140 equipped with Windows XP Pro operating system and TwinCAT PLC small panel control system, which has not achieved the expected application effect/nc I automation software. The unloading system is operated by a handheld device, and its windows based graphic display and control system run on the industrial PC. The control system and graphic display communicate through TwinCAT ads, and the optional Internet connection established through the industrial PC Ethernet interface can realize the remote maintenance of the system

robowork uses Beckhoff bus terminal module to integrate all data points of the self unloading system into the controller. "We assemble an ideal combination suitable for the design of the unloading system from a large number of available bus terminal modules. For example, the analog terminal module can be used to detect the size of the blank, while the serial interface can be used to detect the data in the weighing unit. We control the shaft with low dynamics of the transmission gripper, and use the stepper motor terminal module to control the pallet simply and economically. Due to the openness of Beckhoff control technology, we can Provide specific Fieldbus for all devices to fully tap the potential of each fieldbus. For example, we use a bus coupler to connect the highly dynamic robot drive system driven by CANopen to the controller. " Norbert mehrle said so

both precision and diversity

the shape, size, material type, quality requirements and production quantity of the green body determine the type of transfer gripper, the handling process of the pallet, the processing process and other functions, such as flash removal, quality control and stamping cleaning. "In some unloading systems, we can handle up to 30 parts per minute." Sabine Sterk, head of Roboworker's marketing department, commented and added, "only by synchronizing the process steps can we achieve such a high clock frequency. For example, while weighing a part, the transfer gripper transfers another part from the second scale to the tray." Robowork realizes this complex and precise process in real time through TwinCAT PLC and motion control function. Norbert mehrle said excitedly, "real time capability can be achieved without using special hardware - this is definitely a genius design." Robowork configures the application software and sets the corresponding device parameters according to each specific application. Robowork uses TwinCAT as the development and running environment, and it also uses TwinCAT scopeview as the diagnosis and optimization system

optimize the movement sequence

the transfer gripper smoothly and gently transfers these non pressure resistant and colliding blanks from one processing station to the next, and finally places them on a pallet. Robowork uses the electronic cam function of TwinCAT software to promote the formulation of pollutant emission limit standards for cement clinker and hazardous materials limit standards for decoration materials, realizing this complex process. "At present, we only use the electronic cam function to optimize the speed, acceleration and transmission gripper handling system. We define the trajectory as a fifth order polynomial and use it to couple the slave axis and the spindle. In the future, we will use the cam disk to realize time optimization and couple the X, y and Z axes to a virtual time axis. In this way, we try to realize continuous operation without waiting time, which will increase efficiency and reduce efficiency Less energy consumption. Shenzhen is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, the world's factory, "Norbert mehrle commented

transmission gripper with punching and cleaning equipment

realize the best synchronization between the press and the unloading system

in order to realize an uninterrupted operation process, the press and the unloading system must work synchronously. The complexity of the synchronization process depends on the specific application. For a simple press, the machine status is communicated through a digital interface. For more complex functions, the communication between the press and the unloading system is realized through CANopen or PROFIBUS. In this example, when a part is ready for unloading and must be unloaded, and the transfer gripper is no longer in the stamping area, the press and handling equipment work together. The press will also receive the data recorded in the unloading system, including the weight and size of the blank, and then determine the filling rate and pressure of the next stamping step

"we have completely redesigned our application software for unloading system. The ease of use of TwinCAT greatly simplifies the design process, but also improves the efficiency: the operability and synchronization of our press and unloading system have been significantly improved." Norbert mehrle concluded, "the system is controlled by an industrial PC equipped with TwinCAT automation software in Beckhoff.

robowork benefits a lot from the development, simplicity of operation and excellent cost performance of Beckhoff control technology. (end)

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