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Xiaodu TV companion 599 yuan! Xiaodu is at home for 1s, and the surprise price is 329 yuan! Baidu AI hardware subsidies up

on February 28, at the site of Xiaodu's new product strategy press conference, baidu sent two new AI hardware products at shocking prices, Xiaodu TV companion and Xiaodu at home for 1s. As a new species in the AI field, Xiaodu TV companion is positioned in the home theater in the era of artificial intelligence. With its outstanding sound quality and video playback ability, full voice far-field interaction ability and fully accessed Xiaodu AI assistant, you can completely get rid of the remote control; And Xiaodu at home series intelligent video speakers will launch a new product, Xiaodu at home 1s, which has a new appearance design and hardware configuration, upgraded the highly praised children's mode, and further expanded its content resources

the artificial intelligence ecosystem of software and hardware integration under Baidu has been formed

in the past year, Xiaodu has made great achievements in both software and hardware fields. According to the report of strategy analytics, the shipment volume of Xiaodu series smart speakers rose to the fourth in the world, the second in China and the first in the world in the fourth quarter of 2018; As of December, 2018, the number of active devices equipped with duer OS has reached 200million, while dueros' voice interaction has reached 1.6 billion times in December, 2018, and the data has doubled for eight consecutive quarters; Xiaodu series hardware products are also deeply loved by users and rank among the top in the sales of major e-commerce platforms

Jing Kun, general manager of Baidu intelligent life group (SLG), said in the press conference speech that as the pioneer of dialogue AI in China, with the promotion of Baidu, the AI industry based on voice dialogue has exploded in an all-round way. From the launch of Duer by Baidu world in 2015 to the launch of dueros and extensive cooperation with hardware partners in 2017, to the launch of a series of Xiaodu intelligent hardware products in 2018, Xiaodu is entering thousands of households and becoming a close and reliable assistant to users. So far, Baidu's artificial intelligence ecosystem of software and hardware integration has been formed. We will be committed to creating ubiquitous AI personal assistant services, using AI to make the interaction between people and devices more natural and make life simpler and better

(Jing Kun, general manager of Baidu Smart Life Group (SLG)

Xiaodu TV companion is newly released. The first three in one ai home theater is still the center of most Chinese home life entertainment scenes. However, users have many pain points when using TV, can't find the remote control, it's hard to find the film, and the sound quality is not ideal. The newly released Xiaodu TV companion is positioned in the ai home theater, It is the first hi fi home theater + high-performance 4K set-top box + high-end AI speaker function three in one innovative product in China

in terms of hardware, Xiaodu TV companion is uncompromising. It has hi fi level sound quality, adopts low-frequency enhanced box design, has DRC intelligent adjustment function, is equipped with four large-diameter speakers, two ultra long guide tubes, and the left and right sound cavities are independently designed to form super surround sound, so that users can experience high-quality cinema effects without leaving home. The sound quality keeps improving, and the visual effect is not lagging behind. The small TV partner supports 4k+hdr output. At the same time, it supports 2.4g/5g dual band Wi Fi and 2x2 MIMO features. 4K HD video can also be transmitted smoothly, providing users with top-level visual enjoyment

(Xiaodu TV Companion)

Xiaodu Xiaodu, broadcast Episode 5 of the river, Xiaodu Xiaodu, switch to 4K, Xiaodu Xiaodu, who is this person? With an AI assistant on standby, Xiaodu TV companion comprehensively upgrades the movie viewing experience. It supports full voice far-field interaction, and the ring 6 microphone array can also wake up smoothly in the home noise environment. In the laboratory, the 5-meter wake-up rate is as high as 99%, which allows users to completely get rid of the remote control and follow the drama with peace of mind. Xiaodu TV friends also create large screen information flow and large screen voice skills, spend time lying down and brushing, a large amount of content is accurately recommended for you, and guide you anytime, anywhere, as long as any need is solved in one sentence

turning on the screen means Ai TV, and turning off the screen means AI speaker. Xiaodu TV partner has full access to Xiaodu's AI assistant ability. After the screen is turned off, it can be turned into a smart speaker. Listening to music, checking information, checking, IOT smart home control are all easy

Xiaodu at home 1s is officially launched, and the content experience + children's mode is upgraded.

Xiaodu at home 1s is a new product of Baidu smart video speaker Xiaodu at home series. As one of the prizes of Baidu red envelope activities in this year's Spring Festival Gala, it has met with many users through CCTV screen. Many lucky users also received 200 yuan Xiaodu at home 1s voucher, making the average daily sales of Xiaodu mall during the Spring Festival exceed that of last year's double 11

(Xiaodu at home for 1s)

Xiaodu at home for 1s adopts the world's top design and brand-new hardware configuration. It is designed by Wai Loong Lim, a SONOS intelligent sound industrial designer from California. It has elegant shape, naturally integrates into the home, simple lines and stable atmosphere; In terms of sound quality, through 18 hardware upgrades and 28 algorithm improvements, it brings users more surging sound effects; Compared with Xiaodu at home, the 1s wireless data transmission speed of Xiaodu at home is increased by 100%, video calls are clearer, drama and music are more fluent, and home audio-visual entertainment, but with the gradual use of continuous fiber in cars, the experience has reached a higher level

in terms of content resources, through the cooperation with iqiyi, music, dragonfly FM, douyu and other brands, Xiaodu 1s at home has owned tens of millions of music libraries, massive video content and high-quality audio and children's education resources. More than that, Xiaodu 1s at home has also recently introduced Baidu video resources, and has reached a cooperation with Himalaya to access the full content of Himalaya open platform, It covers the best 100million + boutique audio content in Himalaya, providing users with a richer audio content listening experience

it is worth mentioning that Xiaodu's 1s at home children's mode has been comprehensively upgraded, with the industry's best children's wake-up recognition, children's exclusive TTS voice and dialogue, and a more suitable interactive interface for children, so that children can interact throughout the whole process without obstacles. The children's mode is also designed to add three more protections for the baby: duration protection, distance protection and content protection. Whether the child is too close to the screen or the viewing time is too long, Xiaodu will remind him in time, and will filter out the content that is not suitable for children's viewing, so as to protect the child's physical and mental health. It is really a good helper for parents to watch children

Baidu AI new product subsidies, starting with the ultra-low spot price of Xiaodu new products

in order to make artificial intelligence hardware enterprises have errors in talent introduction policies, and products can be more quickly popularized to more users, Jing Kun announced at the press conference that in recent years, baidu AI hardware subsidy policies have been launched for Xiaodu intelligent sound box products

the newly released Xiaodu TV companion has a release price of 799 yuan, a subsidy of 100 yuan through Baidu AI hardware, a time limited discount of 100 yuan for superimposed new products, and a hand price of 599 yuan, which is worth the money. The price of Xiaodu at home for 1s is 499 yuan, 100 yuan through Baidu AI hardware subsidy and 70 yuan for new products within a limited time. After superposition, the arrival price is only 329 yuan. The two products will be available in stock from now on, and consumers can buy them directly in Xiaodu mall, Suning,, tmall, Gome, pinduoduo, Ecola and other channels

encourage users to share videos. Xiaodu projection hall plans to open

with wisdom, beauty and people-friendly price, Xiaodu intelligent hardware products are deeply loved by users, and many Xiaodu users also actively share stories with Xiaodu in life on social media, which means that AI devices are becoming a part of the lives of more and more ordinary people. At the end of the press conference, Jing Kun announced the opening of the Xiaodu screening hall. The plan is to encourage and guide users to use short videos to record, share and share Xiaodu's daily stories. Xiaodu screening hall will launch a series of carefully crafted short videos every month, the content of which is from users' real stories, and will successively log on to major video platforms to encourage more Xiaodu users to retain fragments of their beautiful lives, And share it with more people

in the future, Xiaodu will continue to optimize products and promote subsidy policies, so that AI personal assistant services can benefit more families and make life simpler and better

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