The hottest twitter founder invests in new venture

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Twitter co-founder and Chairman Jack Dorsey is currently committed to a new venture: let anyone use it as a credit card

according to the New York Times, Dorsey has conceived this new venture for a long time. On December 1, the company finally officially launched its website

dorsey has developed a "square payment system" that can be inserted into any audio slot, which can be used on terminals such as iPhone or iPod touch. In the future, consumers can pay through this payment hardware, just like a credit card

at present, many small enterprises cannot afford the advantageous position of credit card companies in the high-value field, which has been widely recognized. In contrast, it is said that square's charges will be much cheaper. Users only need to sign by touching the screen, and they will receive a receipt in the form of SMS or email

preventing fraud will be a great challenge for square, so consumers who want to use square can attach their photos when applying for an account, so that the seller can also be easily identified

for entrepreneurs and investors, the new way of paying for large rollers with inner diameter and width is an exciting field. Many companies, including PayPal, eBay's payment system, are constantly studying how to make it easier for consumers to pay

square will be officially launched next year and is expected to have a boom. At present, the company has attracted many venture capital companies, among which Khosla ventures has recently invested $1.1 billion to help drive and improve the equipment technology level of related industries, which shows that square paid hardware development does have business opportunities. CCID China informatization 5 hydraulic universal material testing machine commissioning ()

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