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TUV Nande helps Xinsong mobile robot complete the system application of European high-end automobile production line

-tuv Nande attends the 2018 Asia International Logistics Exhibition

Shanghai, November 6, 2018/AP/--tuv South Germany group (hereinafter referred to as "TUV Nande") on the first day of 2018 Asia International Logistics Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "CeMAT"), Issued the CE certification of the first mobile robot system in China and the TUV Nande logo of the first mobile robot in China to Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinsong"). The mobile robot (AGV) system of Xinsong robot, which has passed the CE certification, will be exported to Europe for use in the "Jaguar Land Rover Liverpool factory assembly line project". On the same day, Mr. Zhang Jin, vice president and director of strategy and marketing of Xinsong, Mr. Zhang Lei, vice president and President of mobile robot BG of Xinsong, Dr. Robert Puto, vice president of commercial products of TUV South Germany Greater China, Mr. Li Taiwei, manager of industrial products Department of TUV South Germany Greater China and other enterprise leaders and guests attended the certification ceremony

With the rapid expansion of automated production, material handling, goods warehousing and commodity distribution in China, the mobile robot industry has been applied to a certain extent in China, but with the development of global industry and the expansion of application fields, the types and application forms of mobile robots have become increasingly diverse. The CE certification of mobile robot system obtained by Xinsong this time is a typical case of mobile robot used in automobile production line

in March this year, TUV Nande was entrusted by its partner Xinsong to participate in the "Jaguar Land Rover Liverpool factory assembly line project". TUV industrial robot and mobile robot team of Nande industrial products department participated in and guided the whole certification process from the product design stage, and assisted Xinsong mobile robot products and the whole system to successfully pass the CE certification. During the nearly six months of work, TUV Nande not only provided services such as system design review and project related safety standard training, in plant safety evaluation and testing, but also went to the delivery Party's Liverpool factory in the UK in the late stage of the project. Together with the engineers of Xinsong, TUV Nande overcame difficulties and carried out a series of tests, including safety function test, stop time test and stop distance test, Carry out safety testing and certification of mobile robot products and the whole system from multiple perspectives

Zhang Jin, vice president of Xinsong, said at the certification ceremony: "CE logo is used as a pass for products to enter the European market. This time, it obtained the CE certification certificate granted by TUV Nande, which indicates that the whole mobile robot system of Xinsong robot has met the safety requirements specified in the EU directive. It is also a commitment of Xinsong to consumers, and increases consumers' trust in Xinsong brand. In addition, in the future, other types of mobile robot products of Xinsong will enter the European market only for those already connected with it For mobile robots that have passed CE certification, the whole system can be certified with changed details, which greatly shortens the cycle of entering the European market. "

whether it is technological innovation, industrial 4.0 demand changes or the speed of market access, the industrial machine product market is developing rapidly. The safety of industrial machinery products mainly considers the risk analysis of products and tests the protective measures of products. The experts in the evaluation and certification of robots and mobile robots of TUV Nande industrial products department have rich experience and are well versed in relevant international standards. The one-stop technical solution provided will strengthen product compliance and speed up market access

Wuxi, November 6, 2018/AP/-- on November 1, 2018, on the opening day of the 10th (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference and exhibition, the Hohhot Municipal People's government held a grand Hohhot new energy theme exchange event at the Junlai Shizun hotel in Wuxi. With the strong support of Wuxi Council for the promotion of international trade, this event was specifically organized by Hohhot Council for the promotion of international trade. Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinqiao Development Zone and some enterprises participated in this event

bater, President of the Hohhot Council for the promotion of international trade, introduced the development of new energy industry in Hohhot

at present, the photovoltaic industry in Hohhot is mainly concentrated in the photovoltaic industrial park of Jinqiao Development Zone. At present, it has formed a manufacturing base of polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, solar cells, solar modules, system integration, photovoltaic power station, solar photovoltaic industry chain and supporting products, and gathered a number of leading enterprises such as Zhonghuan photovoltaic, Shenzhou silicon, Huaxia spotlight, Zhonghuan energy, oujing quartz, Outong energy, Xinyuan energy, Zhenxing energy, etc

Hohhot new energy automobile industrial park is located in the South Zone of Jinshan national high tech Industrial Development Zone. It mainly develops the production of core components such as new energy automobile batteries, motors and electronic controls, as well as the whole industrial chain projects such as vehicle manufacturing, improves the new energy automobile industrial chain, and creates a new energy automobile industrial base integrating R & D, production, sales, operation, maintenance, inspection, testing, pilot test and training, It will become a new engine and growth pole for the economic development of Inner Mongolia, and realize a strategic emerging industrial park with the largest scale, the strongest influence and an output value of 100 billion yuan in the northern region

Hohhot has obvious advantages in developing new energy industry due to its superior geographical location, sufficient sunshine time, convenient transportation, rich geological and mineral resources, power resources, human resources, perfect industrial development environment, preferential investment policies and other characteristics. Only 0.26 yuan per kilowatt hour can greatly reduce the cost of enterprises

through this activity, we have established contacts with more than 300 domestic experts and entrepreneurs in the new energy industry. Many well-known enterprises have a strong interest in developing the new energy industry in Hohhot. This activity will certainly play a positive role in promoting the development of the new energy industry in Hohhot

source: Wuxi Council for the promotion of international trade

Shanghai, November 6, 2018/AP/-- today, Ingersoll Rand, the global leader in creating a comfortable, sustainable development and efficient environment (NYSE Code: IR), released its latest second-generation R-Series rskw micro oil screw air compressor at the China International Import Expo, And delivered the key of the new equipment to Wuxi Volkswagen, the first order customer of the new product

Ingersoll Rand releases new air compressor products at the Expo site

maintaining normal production and operation should not be a problem in the production and manufacturing process. Manufacturers from all walks of life can maintain the stability of system operation by using the latest Ingersoll Rand second-generation R-Series micro oil screw air compressor. As early as 2015, Ingersoll Rand launched the first product of the second generation R series air compressor worldwide. Since then, a new product of R series has been launched every year

the rskw micro oil screw air compressor released this time is the fourth new product of the second generation R series, with energy efficiency increased by 16% and its exhaust volume increased by 21% compared with the first generation R series products. The increase of exhaust volume can effectively reduce the operation cost while reducing the initial investment of customers; The improvement of energy efficiency can significantly improve power consumption, thereby realizing energy conservation. The pactm system of rskw series products can effectively ensure the continuous output of gas volume, so as to avoid the loss caused by accidental shutdown. In addition, the single-stage host equipped with rskw products is suitable for large and medium-sized production processes, which can effectively improve the stability, efficiency and output of production

guoyushan, Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Ingersoll Rand compression technology and services division, said: "we are trying to think about how to help our customers maintain normal production every day to help them achieve production goals. In the process of product design and product maintenance, we always think about our customers, so as to help them improve the overall operation efficiency in the production and manufacturing process and simplify their equipment maintenance."

the second generation R series rskw screw air compressor

easy to maintain air compressor parts and consumables

the safety design of the product has been updated, and through the more accessible internal parts of the air compressor, faster and safer maintenance can be carried out

technicians can quickly maintain the internal parts of the unit through the unit housing and removable hinged door panels

the operator can use special tools to safely replace the separation core and remove the host

cleanable whole machine pre filtration and advanced coolant can reduce the number of cleaning and maintenance. Ingersoll Rand genuine lubricants have a service life of 16000 hours, which is twice the service life of other lubricants in the market. Information retrieval on the web shows obvious shortcomings

at the same time, Ingersoll Rand's services for R series products can ensure the efficient and reliable operation of customers in the process of equipment use, from evaluation, installation, maintenance to commissioning

the integrated control and built-in air system option can effectively improve the reliability of the air system

the standard configuration and option function have effectively improved the reliability of the system

active adaptive control protection: each compressor is equipped with a standard Ingersoll Rand algorithm system, namely active adaptive control (PAC) system. The system can continuously monitor key operating parameters and give instructions when parts are close to their service life. The system can also monitor whether the operating temperature reaches the design limit. When the above situation occurs, the controller can automatically adjust parameters to prevent motor overload, keep the machine running and avoid unnecessary shutdown

cooling system: this innovative suspension cooler can meet the expansion and contraction of the cooler during the operation of the air compressor, reduce the thermal stress, and improve the reliability of the system while improving the efficiency

v-shield DTM Technology: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) stainless steel braided oil pipe and O-ring seal can reduce the risk of oil leakage in the whole compressor system

delta P maintenance indicator: the operator can see the prompt on the controller asking for cleaning or replacing consumables, so as to avoid unplanned shutdown

built in all-in-one machine (TAS) option: the built-in post-treatment system can improve the exhaust quality and reduce the cost of later equipment installation and new equipment procurement

in addition, all the second generation R series air compressors adopt Xe series intelligent controller, which has a more friendly user interface and microprocessor controller

for more information about Ingersoll Rand's second-generation R-Series air compressors, please visit or contact your local service representative

source: Ingersoll Rand (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, November 6, 2018/AP/-- with the ardent expectation of global politics and business circles, the "first China International Import Expo" officially kicked off in Shanghai on November 5. This economic and trade cooperation feast, which set off a global upsurge, has built a platform for Sino foreign economic, trade and technological exchanges, created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and facilitated the hand-in-hand cooperation of many Chinese and foreign enterprises

Mohammed dkhissi, head of TUV Rheinland's global key customers, and Ding Xiaolin, deputy general manager of China XD, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation on behalf of the two sides respectively

TUV Rheinland and China XD reached strategic cooperation at the China International Fair

November 6, TUV Rheinland Group of Germany (hereinafter referred to as "TUV Rheinland") and China XD Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China XD") appeared in the service trade of TUV Rheinland, but due to the ceramic microstructure

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