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Suzhou invested a total of 936 million yuan in the construction of rural water conservancy in the first April

Suzhou invested a total of 936 million yuan in the construction of rural water conservancy in the first April

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it was learned from the Suzhou Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau that by the end of April, the city had invested 936 million yuan in the construction of key projects of farmland water conservancy and rural river dredging and regulation, Accounting for 51% of the annual planned task of 1.818 billion yuan

since the beginning of the year, all parts of Suzhou have vigorously promoted the standardization and modernization of rural water conservancy, actively deepened the reform of rural water conservancy, and made rapid progress in various projects of rural water conservancy construction under the guidance of the "opinions on printing and distributing rural water conservancy work in the province" and other documents. In 2017, the state and province issued a total investment of 243 million yuan for the small-scale farmland water conservancy key county project in Suzhou. By the end of April, 139million yuan had been invested, accounting for 57% of the planned tasks, of which 95% had been completed in Kunshan. In 2017, the city plans to dredge 1478 rivers at all levels, 1134 kilometers, and 16.04 million cubic meters of dredged earth. By the end of April, 13.54 million cubic meters of earth had been dredged, accounting for 84% of the plan. In 2017, the city's plan to increase the new electronic type is a new product developed in recent years. The efficient and water-saving irrigation area is 20600 mu. By the end of April, 11700 Mu has been completed, accounting for 59% of the plan, of which Kunshan has been completed. In 2017, the central government issued a total of 190million yuan for key counties of small and medium-sized rivers in Suzhou to speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, involving three counties (cities and districts) of Wujiang, Taicang and Changshu. By the end of April, 65.49 million yuan of investment had been completed, including Taicang

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