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Suzhou nano touch industry alliance was announced to be established in Suzhou nano City

recently, the Suzhou nano touch industry alliance led by seven companies, including Suzhou Delong laser Co., Ltd., Suzhou Nano Technology Development Co., Ltd., Mudong Optoelectronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou ChaoLian optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and Suzhou weiyeda Touch Technology Co., Ltd., was announced to be established in Suzhou nano city

the alliance is a non-profit social organization jointly led by seven alliance governing companies under the guidance of the science and Technology Development Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park. The first batch has 37 member units, covering the entire touch industry chain enterprises from upstream materials, ICs, conductive films, touch panels, application systems to special equipment. At the same time, it also includes scientific research institutions such as the nanotechnology Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc Industrial research institutions and industry associations were established. At the meeting, seven alliances signed a strategic cooperation agreement

at present, iPhone brings us a new interpretation of intelligence. It brings users intelligent concepts, systems, and design aesthetics. At the same time, it is accompanied by the wider popularization of touch technology. Suzhou Industrial Park has become an important production agglomeration of touch screens in China. It has Mudong, oufeiguang, Youda sensors, internal resistance strain gauges with low accuracy, and the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is poor Poor sensor data will affect the accuracy of the sensor. Hundreds of industrial chain related enterprises such as Fuji have relatively complete industrial supporting facilities, and the output value has reached tens of billions of yuan. In the future, the member units of the alliance will actively cooperate in promoting the application of upstream nano materials and technologies, promoting industrial chain cooperative research and development and product procurement, establishing predictable alliance standards, intellectual property sharing and public service platform construction

Suzhou Delong laser Co., Ltd. is committed to R & D, production and sales of high-end confidential laser processing equipment based on UV laser and ultrashort pulse laser technology applied to semiconductor LED, LCD, touch screen and laser special processing industries. Touch technology involves the whole industry chain. Therefore, the development of touch technology cannot be separated from the integration of upstream and downstream fields in the industry chain. The equipment produced by Delong laser belongs to the special equipment for the touch industry chain. The touch product has innovative materials, diverse modes and exquisite manufacturing technology. In its R & D and manufacturing process, the touch production equipment has an irreplaceable position

under the guidance of relevant government policies and the business guidance and supervision of the competent industrial department, Suzhou nano touch alliance will be built into a new innovation platform guided by market demand and combined with industry, University and research. Integrate industrial scientific and technological resources, organize the research and development of key industrial technologies, and speed up the transformation of innovative achievements and product applications

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