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Suzhou enterprises released ultra thick PVC foam board

Suzhou formison new materials Co., Ltd. developed a new type of PVC foam board with a thickness of 40mm, which the company said filled the gap at home and abroad

huboping, chairman of formison, said that the maximum thickness of PVC foam boards on the market at present is less than 30mm. The larger the specification is, the higher the requirements for equipment and process in the production process. The impact knife is installed and fixed with screws. It is necessary to overcome many problems such as the formula making the upper and lower jaws not concentric, mold, hardness, molding, etc., especially the foaming ratio, which is the most difficult index to control

he added that with his 9-year professional knowledge accumulated in the industry and more than 2 months of research and development, he successfully developed a new mold, which can produce 40mm thick PVC foam board, and the surface of the product is smooth and hard

according to him, at present, the thickness of most wooden doors produced in China is 40mm. Therefore, PVC foam board of the same specification can be easily made into a door as long as it is carved and painted on the surface. It also has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, sound absorption and formaldehyde free

the company said that after testing, the product quality remained stable. At the same time, the new mold has obtained three authorized patents for invention, utility model and appearance, and is applying for international invention patents

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