The hottest Suzhou grandma used folk prescription

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On the evening of February 23, Suzhou Hudong police station received an alarm from a children's Hospital under its jurisdiction, saying that a 10 month old baby girl was found to contain drugs during treatment. After tracing down, it turned out that the child's grandmother believed in folk prescriptions and fed the child poppy seed oil

heroin was found in the baby's body, and the hospital immediately called the police

at about 1:20 a.m. on February 23, 2016, a young father took a baby girl into the emergency room of the children's Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University. At that time, they were followed by a middle-aged woman. After being asked by the nurse, it was determined that it was the grandmother of the baby girl, whose surname was Huang. At ordinary times, the baby girl was taken care of by Ms. Huang

according to bozhenjiang, the doctor on duty in the emergency room at that time, the baby girl was in a sleepy state when she came, confused, and the situation was very bad. As a result, the emergency room immediately became nervous, and the doctors immediately sent the baby girl to the intensive care unit for rescue. Fortunately, after a series of rescue measures such as oxygen inhalation and ECG monitoring, the baby girl has been basically out of danger

after the baby girl returned to normal, we should have relaxed and recommended this cold and hot shock experimental machine for everyone, but the doctor was in a greater shock, because according to various signs, the primary cause of the baby girl's coma was taking drugs and heroin. Doctors were greatly shocked by the conclusion that the female infant contained drugs. Although morphine in heroin has the analgesic effect of calming and meeting the consumer's demand for safe and sustainable products, excessive heroin may kill the child. Did someone want the child's life? Therefore, the hospital doctor immediately called 110 to call the police

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