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Suzhou launched intelligent temperature control and dimming glass, which became the first record in China. A special aqueous gel was injected into the two layers of glass. With it, the glass will automatically change color under the sun exposure in summer, and the light transmittance will fall below 5%. It effectively blocks the strong light radiation of one of the few exhibitions in Zhejiang province that won this honor. When winter comes, it will skillfully keep the glass transparent, and the light transmittance of the glass will rise to more than 80%, Let the warm sunshine spread all over the room

intelligent temperature control and dimming glass

recently, this magical new material, temperature sensitive color changing dimming material, was seen in Suzhou perlima polymer material Co., Ltd. It is a new intelligent material independently developed by the company, which can adjust the light transmittance of the material by both temperature and sunlight. This kind of temperature sensitive color changing light regulating material has fast response speed, breaking through the technical bottleneck that the traditional temperature control glass can only be adjusted by temperature control. It is a major innovation of temperature control glass technology in the world

according to Zhang Qiang, the general manager of the company, this material can be encapsulated between two pieces of glass to make PLM intelligent temperature control and dimming glass. At a certain temperature, it can automatically adjust the light transmittance of the glass according to the intensity of sunlight irradiation. For example, when the glass is used to build a sunshine room, set 26 ℃ as the comfortable temperature. When the temperature is higher than this temperature, the glass will quickly turn white, blocking ultraviolet, visible glare and near-infrared rays, so that the room temperature will no longer rise rapidly; Below this temperature, even if the outdoor sun is strong, the glass will remain transparent, and people can still bathe in the sun indoors

due to the large latitude span in China, researchers have taken into account the needs of different regions in the development, and can design the temperature change point and transmittance according to the temperature and solar radiation intensity. At present, two series of products, fast dimming and slow dimming, have been launched. In the future, fast dimming is suitable for airports, high-speed railways, subways, shopping malls, exhibitions, and sunshine houses, while slow dimming is more used for glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls, and glass greenhouses. After preliminary calculation, the price of this kind of intelligent temperature control and dimming glass is equivalent to that of traditional glass + internal and external sunshades, and maintenance is not required for one-time installation, and the service life can reach more than 15 years

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