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On October 30, arcfox space Suzhou Tianfeng automobile Longhu Xinghu Tianjie store was officially opened, and at the same time, arcfox Jihu was held α T Suzhou first owner delivery ceremony. After the birth of the first car owner in Beijing, arcfox Jihu terminal continued to work with remarkable results

arcfox extremely fox Suzhou City debut - arcfox space Suzhou Tianfeng automobile Longhu Xinghu Tianjie store opened

arcfox extremely Fox brand has been widely concerned by the market and consumers since its birth. The opening of arcfox space Longhu Xinghu Tianjie store means that the first mass-produced car arcfox Jihu launched on October 24 α T was officially sold in Suzhou outside Beijing

arcfox space Longhu Xinghu Tianjie store is located in the golden area on the first floor of Xinghu Tianjie street, Suzhou, Longhu. As an authorized arcfox dealer in Suzhou, the experience store extracts the element of "boundary" from the "boundary breaking" concept of arcfox as the origin of creativity, and through the design ideas of "setting the boundary as the heart", "breaking the boundary and living", "merging the boundary and walking", multi-level entities, virtual bodies, light and shadow and dynamic images are linked together, Build a crisscross, flexible and traversing exquisite travel and life experience space

in the experience store, arcfox is extremely fox α As soon as t appeared, the appearance of high appearance value caused users, guests and media friends to take photos. Four characteristic lines in the shape of "X" radiate from the center of the front of the car, a penetrating waistline full of power, and a penetrating combined tail lamp symbolizing the Arctic skyline. Arcfox polar fox, which draws multiple inspirations and adheres to the design concept of "borderless" α T presents the beauty of science and technology, which is unforgettable

arcfox, a new benchmark of high-end intelligent pure electric SUV quality α T

it is not only appearance that attracts people, but also arcfox α T excellent product strength. Arcfox extreme Fox α T has more than 30 domestic and international leading technology applications, with 653km long true endurance, 4.6s 100 km acceleration, Harman 4K super large screen video and audio system, Magna global luxury manufacturing, Huawei 5g technology interconnection α- Pilot intelligent driving and many other selling points

the outstanding appearance and excellent product performance are exactly arcfox α T is the key to open the heart of Mr. Chen, the first car owner in Suzhou. Mr. Chen, who studied in Australia and worked abroad for more than ten years, returned home to establish his own company a few years ago. When he first met arcfox, he was deeply attracted by it. "Special favor α T's overall design ", Mr. Chen said bluntly at the opening ceremony," I have compared many mainstream models, and I prefer arcf in terms of appearance, configuration, performance and driving experience. Now I will briefly introduce the classification and use requirements of the spring testing machine ox extreme fox α T. Take advantage of the opportunity to change the car for his wife to achieve his wish "

Yu Liguo, deputy general manager of BAIC new energy and President of arcfox Bu, and Yu Chen, general manager of arcfox Bu marketing center, delivered the new car to Mr. Chen, the first owner

it is worth mentioning that car buyers can enjoy 3-year zero interest or 15% down payment low interest loan courtesy this year, and car buyers can enjoy up to 15000 yuan subsidy through replacement. In addition, the top 1000 first car owners can enjoy six free rights and interests, including the lifetime warranty of the whole vehicle, the lifetime warranty of three electricity, the free roadside assistance of the final new experiment certificate, the lifetime free OTA software upgrade, the free flow upgrade, and the free gift of intelligent charging piles (or 5000 yuan of public charging rights and interests); Five exclusive rights and interests, including exclusive keys, badges, gift boxes, identities, and points; And insurance, maintenance, travel and other three carefree gift packs

arcfox Jihu always believes that users are the source of all development. Through the innovative 'composite' mode explored by arcfox, with the help of the multi-dimensional sales channels of both urban space stores, direct experience stores and other direct stores, as well as the traditional 4S stores, arcfox will be promoted to get plastic wood composites with good performance and meet the increasingly diverse service needs of users. The person in charge of arcfox space Longhu Xinghu Tianjie store also needs to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation. The person in charge said, "as an authorized arcfox dealer space store in Suzhou, we α T's product strength is full of confidence, and it is very optimistic about the prospect of Jihu brand in the high-end market. It is believed that the space store will bring you more pleasant experiences. "

from Beijing to Suzhou, arcfox has accelerated its channel layout, and the opening of Suzhou Longhu Xinghu Tianjie store is just the beginning of arcfox's continuous expansion of service boundaries and the construction of "user circles". Arcfox will work with more users to explore, discover and experience, and greatly improve the user experience while providing a variety of car purchase channels, so as to further realize the connection of people, cars and scenes

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