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On September 15, at the meeting held by Jiwei and Xiamen semiconductor investment group to adjust the "pH value of all solef PVDF membrane polymers of Jiwei semiconductor peak to be stable within the range of 1 (1) 1", a China Semiconductor investment alliance was officially established after preliminary consultation between Jiwei and major domestic semiconductor investment institutions, including the national large fund, It shocked the semiconductor industry at home and abroad

cold thinking after overheating

since September, 2014, the total scale of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund has reached 138.72 billion yuan, and the scale of enterprise and local industry funds has exceeded 500billion yuan. China's electronics industry with semiconductors as the core has three different URLs, which also give a perhaps fundamentally similar content that is stepping into a period of strategic change for great development

chendatong, chairman of Huachuang Investment Committee, pointed out that since 2004, China's semiconductor industry has developed by leaps and bounds, but after the excitement, we should calm down and reflect. At present, the state, local governments and investment institutions are all involved in the development of the semiconductor industry, but this is a knowledge intensive industry, which needs to improve the professionalism of decision makers and a deeper understanding of the industry

Dr. Zhang Rujing, known as the "godfather of China's semiconductors" in the industry, pointed out that in view of the development process of domestic semiconductor wafer factories blooming everywhere, from an optimistic point of view, the current output of wafer factories is far from reaching saturation, but from a cautious point of view, the fruits of blooming everywhere are likely to become sorrowful. He stressed that the semiconductor industry is an industry with high investment, high risk and slow return, and needs an experienced first-class talent team. Local governments need to promote the semiconductor industry calmly and rationally

Wang Huilian, general manager of Xiamen semiconductor investment group, pointed out that China Semiconductor seems to be standing in the tuyere. Can it fly? In China's integrated circuit industry, which seems to be lively but not bad for money, enterprises' R & D investment and large-scale investment relying on their own strength are seriously insufficient. At the same time, in the case of limited scientific and technological resources, they still support the chip industry by traditional means and methods (funds and scientific research projects), lacking structural breakthroughs and weak resource planning ability

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seek integration and development through capital

Presbyterian Yao, Secretary of China Alliance, Zhou Ning, general manager of Pacific Century venture capital, Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, Zheng Li, general manager of NXP, and other guests agreed that at this stage, Chinese IC enterprises as a whole are characterized by large number, small scale and vulnerability. It is expected that the theme in the next few years will be integration, and Chinese IC concept stocks will have great prospects in the next 15 years. However, the development of IC enterprises is not to be large, but to provide better products, services and greater value. The demand of semiconductor enterprises and capital leverage should be organically combined

Huachuang Chen Datong stressed that a successful M & A is not left-handed, it is not difficult to acquire, and integration is not for capital cash out. The most difficult thing is how to digest locally. The cooperation between capital and local leading enterprises is the key to the success of M & A

Wang Huilian said that all regions should combine regional resources, adhere to the path of differentiation, and seek breakthrough opportunities in subdivided fields. For example, Xiamen, as the core of the Min triangle area, has initially covered the industrial chain links such as chip design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment and materials around the leading projects such as Lianxin, Ziguang, San'an and Tongfu microelectronics. In the future, the development of Xiamen Haicang integrated circuit industry will focus on manufacturing, consolidate the basic industrial system of integrated circuit, and form an important bearing area in the development layout of the national integrated circuit industry

in order to better play the role of bridge between IC enterprises and capital, "China Semiconductor investment alliance" was officially established during the summit. It is reported that the alliance will promote the coordination, resource integration and information sharing among industry capitals by building an efficient cooperation platform, realize resource optimization, complementary advantages, information exchange, rational regional layout and avoid vicious competition, enhance the overall advantage of China's semiconductor industry capital and avoid resource dispersion

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