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Chinese standards lead to made in China. CEC has a voice in the world

on March 5, the two International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard proposals of "architecture and functional requirements" and "use cases" for virtual power plants led and initiated by the State Grid Corporation of China were officially approved. So far, the State Grid Corporation of China has led the preparation of 51 international standards

it is of far-reaching significance to seize international standards. Take UHV as an example

the formulation of China's UHV international standards is an arduous struggle

once upon a time, China was only a "good student" in the field of international power standards, and had no right to speak

the change began with the construction of UHV in China

under the leadership of the State Grid Corporation of China, China's electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises rose to the challenge. It took only four years to reach the technical level that the Soviet Union and Japan took 15-20 years to reach, and then achieved a comprehensive transcendence. They not only successfully developed a complete set of UHV transmission equipment representing the world's highest level, but also created a large number of world records

In August, 2006, the first UHV project in China began construction; In january2009, the world's first UHV project put into commercial operation was born in China

first class enterprises are the standard

when scientific research and practice progress to a certain stage, standardization must be considered. In the past, developed countries have been leading the formulation of international power standards and taking the initiative in market competition. This time, China has taken the lead in establishing a complete UHV AC/DC standard system by seizing the right to speak in formulating UHV transmission technical standards

relying on China's market cooperation to take the lead in developing strong intelligent power construction with UHV as the backbone, the State Grid Corporation of China has further improved its leading edge by modifying plastics, and continuously accumulated experience in equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, power operation and other related fields; At the same time, the maintenance of oil sources is also particularly important. Through the implementation of the integrated promotion of technology research and development, engineering construction and standard formulation, we have quickly completed the extraction and transformation of practical experience to standard construction, forming a systematic "Chinese standard cluster" of UHV and smart electricity: including the first international UHV technical standard system with 130 enterprise standards as the core, and including 8 professional branches, 26 technical fields 92 standard series of intelligent electrical technology standard system

"China standard" promotes "China created" and "China led"

the breakthrough of UHV in China has brought not only a leap in technology and improvement of standards, but also a significant improvement in the ability of energy and resource allocation. It also drives the development of related industries. Relying on the traction of UHV project, domestic electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises have the domestic research foundation and production capacity for many electrical equipment, and their voice and competitiveness in the international market are growing day by day

for example: insulator

before the construction of UHV project, domestic insulator manufacturers can only produce porcelain insulators of 330kV and below, and products of 500kV and above are all dependent on imports, which are completely subject to foreign countries. Before the development of 1000 kV high-voltage composite insulators, foreign enterprises offered more than 4million yuan for an insulator

after the successful development in China, they had to reduce the price to 2million yuan, which is still more than three times the price of domestic insulators. More importantly, from the results of test and operation, the performance of domestic insulator products has comprehensively surpassed that of foreign products and reached the international leading level

at present, the UHV transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technical level in the world. Major countries in the world attach great importance to the development of graphene related industries. The Changji Guquan ± 1100 kV HVDC transmission project is constructed across the Yellow River

realize internationalization in terms of standards, and the equipment manufacturing is also reliable and authoritative in the world. It has a reputation to start the lower jaw motor to adjust the lower jaw. UHV has given the national power more confidence to "go global". China has successfully won the bid for the overseas projects such as the first and second phases of UHV DC transmission from Brazil meilishan power, creating huge economic benefits, realizing the success of UHV DC going abroad, and achieving a major breakthrough in the internationalization strategy of China's energy and power high-tech industry

promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road" is a great practice of building a community with a shared future for mankind. It is a Chinese initiative to innovate global governance and promote common prosperity. Chinese standards should play an important role. Standards are a common language for international cooperation and connectivity, and an important technical foundation for the global governance system and the development of economic and trade cooperation. Accelerating the "going out" of Chinese standards and promoting policy communication, facility connectivity, unimpeded trade, financing and people to people connectivity are of great significance to promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

on behalf of China, NEC initiated the establishment of five technical committees in IEC. Shuyinbiao, chairman and Secretary of the leading Party group of NEC, served as the vice chairman of IEC and led the preparation of 51 international standards

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