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China firmly opposes the decision of the European Commission to levy taxes on photovoltaic products from China. On June 4, the European Commission announced the preliminary findings of the anti-dumping investigation on photovoltaic products from China, and decided to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of 11.8% on photovoltaic products from China from June 6. The average tax rate will rise to 47.6% in the four months after August 6. At the same time, the European Commission reduced some heavy and complex manual labor. It said that after the expiration of the six-month temporary anti-dumping duty, the European Commission would make a final decision in December this year. Once the decision was made to impose a long-term tariff, the tariff would last for five years. The Chinese government and photovoltaic industry strongly oppose this

Ministry of Commerce spokesman shendanyang later pointed out that the Chinese government and industry have shown great sincerity and made great efforts to solve problems through dialogue and consultation. The European side is still determined to take unfair tax measures on products that play an incremental role in China's PV export to Europe, and the Chinese side expresses its firm opposition

it is understood that EU member states voted on the China photovoltaic double negative case on May 24. During this period, China communicated with the EU for many times, and most EU countries voted against this issue, but the EU did not make any concessions

sunguangbin, head of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of machinery and electronics, said that after several months of efforts, state leaders, the Ministry of Commerce and industrial enterprises hope to achieve a win-win situation between China and the EU through consultations. However, the European Commission is bent on blocking the entry of Chinese products with trade protectionism, which is unfair and does not objectively reflect the export situation of Chinese products. China firmly opposes the EU ruling

EU is the largest exporter of photovoltaic products in China. In 2011, China exported solar panels and related components with a total value of 21billion euros to the EU, accounting for 70% of China's total PV manufacturing output and about 7% of China EU total trade. As a result, the EU's dual Anti China photovoltaic case has become the largest trade friction case between China and the EU so far, and also the largest trade dispute involving the largest amount of money in the world so far

sunguangbin pointed out that there is no winner in the trade war. If the European Commission insists on this, on the one hand, it will hinder the smooth export of China's photovoltaic products to Europe, which is bound to have a great impact on China's entire photovoltaic industry, endangering the survival of thousands of Chinese enterprises and the employment of more than 400000 people. On the other hand, as some markets of raw materials, basic equipment, auxiliary materials and downstream equipment installation in the photovoltaic industry can process two sample gaps in Europe at a time, if the EU prevents Chinese products from entering, it will also have a huge impact on the corresponding upstream and downstream enterprises in the EU. According to the calculation of the chamber of Commerce for import and export of machinery and electronics, the result is that 250000 jobs in the EU will be affected

sunguangbin called on the European Commission to show greater sincerity to resume negotiations with the Chinese industry as soon as possible and formulate a more executable cooperation plan that can achieve a win-win situation between the Chinese and European industries. The Chinese and European industries should join hands to jointly develop the European and Chinese markets and even the markets outside China and Europe, so as to promote the sustainable development of the global photovoltaic industry

industry insiders pointed out that the preliminary determination of the EU will cause a great blow to some domestic enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in the short term, but will not change the development direction of the industry. In addition to the EU market, other markets on which China's photovoltaic products rely for survival and development have developed rapidly. Now the [drive system] is driven by the imported all digital switching servo control system. Since the first quarter of, the photovoltaic markets in the United States, Japan and China have risen rapidly, and the EU's position in the global photovoltaic market has declined

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