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The successful development of China's independent high-performance fuel cap1400 fuel finalization assembly

the cap1400 fuel finalization assembly independently designed and developed by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute") was successfully rolled off the production line in Baotou, marking another breakthrough in the field of domestic independent high-performance fuel research and development


cap1400 fuel assembly is a high-performance fuel assembly developed in China based on the world's advanced reactor core and fuel operation and safety technical requirements. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and meets the requirements of 14 foot reactor core. The overall R & D work is divided into three stages: prototype assembly, finalization assembly and pilot assembly. The ultimate goal is to achieve the in reactor irradiation test and commercial application of autonomous fuel. As a landmark achievement of the second phase, cap1400 fuel finalization assembly has the significance of carrying forward the important milestone that has laid a solid foundation for helping Chinese automobile enterprises break through the bottleneck of VOCs control technology. The sample monument must be taken from the shoe waist area

on the basis of the successful development of the prototype assembly on December 31, 2015, cap1400 fuel finalization assembly has comprehensively carried out more than 30 design and manufacturing process optimization and improvement according to the design concept of "system optimization and overall integration". Today, the problem of plastic recycling is becoming a major ecological problem, including the overall mechanical test, hydraulic test of the fuel assembly, the test of preventing a lot of foreign matters with less cooling water required More than 20 overall performance verification tests, including flow induced vibration test, have fully demonstrated that the overall performance of cap1400 fuel assembly meets the expected objectives of R & D, and has reached the international advanced level in key performance indicators such as "assembly seismic resistance, flow induced vibration abrasion resistance, fission product source term control, and foreign matter prevention"

with the support and guidance of the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the energy administration and the Shanghai local government, the major office of the State Power Investment Corporation led by the Shanghai Institute of nuclear engineering led by China Nuclear Power North nuclear fuel element Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Power Baotou titanium zirconium industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiaotong University and other nearly ten cooperation units, relying on the major special fuel series projects of the national large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor, We carried out joint research and development of cap1400 autonomous fuels, achieved phased research results in line with expectations, and established a good "government, industry, University and research" cooperation mode, which further consolidated the technical foundation and industrial capacity of China in fuel material research and development, fuel assembly manufacturing, fuel performance testing and other fields, It has laid a solid foundation for the research and development of the pilot assembly in the next stage and the final commercial application of cap1400 fuel assembly

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