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Chinese rubber consumers return to the Asian market. Sellers' price cuts attract buyers.

traders said that Chinese rubber (26010125.00,0.48%) consumers return to the Asian market to buy spot shipments. The recent supply is sufficient, and sellers' price cuts attract buyers

according to the news from comprehensive media on November 23, traders said on Wednesday that after a few weeks' absence, Chinese rubber consumers returned to the Asian spot market to buy Thai rubber grades that were shipped immediately because the sellers cut prices to attract buying interest

in particular, the load instigator should avoid dust entry as far as possible. The dust cover should often cover the late Tuesday. An unspecified number of Thai RSS3 rubber transactions in December were 319 cents per kilogram, while the January cargo transactions were 320 cents, indicating that there was sufficient supply in the near future

rss3 rubber price has fallen by nearly half since the historical high of US $6.40 per kilogram hit in February, due to concerns that the European debt crisis will damage demand, and China, the largest consumer, recently informed Thai sellers that they wanted to renegotiate the price and postpone several shipping dates

PMMA materials registered by Evonik in Malaysia have provided high gloss class a surface. A dealer said: "due to these delays, people have to sell back their cargo to the market. Therefore, the cargo was still available in the market in December. In recent months, the cargo has been sufficient. The seller was a little frustrated."

although many sellers in Thailand are still providing December shipments, the other two main producing countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, are only selling rubber with shipment dates of January or later

the Thai Rubber Association said on Monday that Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are blacklisting buyers who have not fulfilled their contracts. Recent defaults have caused panic selling in the spot market

a Thai trader said that the Thai government is discussing with Chinese buyers to set the shipping price at US $3.30 per kilogram, but has not reached a final agreement

"I guess the transaction at $3.19 or $3.20 must be concluded through private transactions. But China is trying to purchase because the price has reached the bottom."

at the end of 2008, Chinese buyers refused to pay for their shipments. As the global economic recession hit automobile 5 and polyarylate par manufacturers in Europe, North America and Japan, the rubber price plummeted by more than half from its peak

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