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China printing press market seminar held in Zibo, Shandong recently, the China printing press market seminar hosted by the printing machinery branch of China printing and equipment industry association was held in Zibo, Shandong Province. The seminar was chaired by guiyuying, Secretary General of printing machinery branch of China printing and equipment industry association

At the meeting, wangdemao, executive vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, first analyzed the economic situation of China's printing and equipment industry, reported the economic data of industrial development, and introduced the relevant situation of the 7th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

subsequently, leaders of relevant printing machine enterprises discussed their views on promoting the development of printing machine market and helping enterprises tide over difficulties according to the current economic situation: qianjiamin, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai printing and packaging sales center: the impact of the international financial crisis on the real economy should not be underestimated. No one can say when it will bottom out. The industry's first response is to enhance confidence, Confidence is more valuable than gold through the south 10 Liju community, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing education system comprehensive service center and other multi shift precision: the value of 1 is valuable for the use of internal projects. With regard to the current trend of the domestic printing market, Changchun printing, Qian Jiamin predicted that strong printing resources and capital will operate across regions, and the process of integration and reshuffle will be accelerated. Enterprises will complete upgrading and transformation in the integration of big eating small, fast eating slow

suntongjiang, general manager of Shandong Weifang Huaguang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.: at present, the total volume of the printing market has not declined significantly, and the decline is mainly due to the export packaging. However, the efficiency of printing enterprises has decreased significantly, mainly due to the rising cost of HP printing. The price of books and periodicals was lowered by bidding, and the price of paper once rose sharply, which hit the morale of printing houses. The implementation of the new labor law has raised labor costs, benefited the post press equipment market, and frustrated the Indian and Chinese markets. In the crisis environment, cost control is an extremely important printing plant, and the cost determines the competitiveness. The transfer of printing industry layout to the central and western regions is because it can effectively reduce costs. The printing industry is a service industry with a service radius of more than 100 kilometers. Beyond this radius, the cost will rise. We should seize the opportunity of value-added tax transformation and pay attention to the development of the central and Western markets

liuxuezhi, general manager of Liaoning Han's Guanhua: To explore the market, Shantou printing should solve deep-seated problems, form a community of strategic interests with customers, and help customers obtain the maximum benefits with high-quality services. In the crisis environment, helping small and medium-sized printing enterprises to solve the financing problem is a very important marketing means for UHF fatigue testing machines with frequency above 300Hz

xiongyirong, deputy general manager of Sichuan Deyang Litong: in a crisis environment, we should learn to reverse thinking and look for opportunities. At present, the international market is shrinking as a whole. Many printing enterprises can't afford Paula's paper cutting machine and start printing. Litong's paper cutting machine is warming instead. The advantage of low price of Chinese printing machine products can play a more important role in the crisis. The key is that the products should pass international safety standards, master independent intellectual property rights and build their own brands

Gaobaosong, general manager of Henan new machinery Co., Ltd.: Taking the development of large-scale paperboard offset printing machine by our company as an example, this paper describes the ways to win the market competition by meeting the personalized needs of customers, developing applicable products and realizing differentiated services

in addition, libingping, deputy director of Zibo Publishing Bureau, Shandong Province, wangzhenhua, Secretary General of Shandong packaging and Printing Association, and Liangyong, Secretary General of Shandong Newspaper Association introduced the printing industry in Shandong respectively. Wangzhenhua especially talked about the unreasonable structure of packaging printing. The proportion of CD-ROM printing press and flexographic printing is significantly lower than that of developed countries. The reasons are not only the problems of concept and understanding, but also the backward technical equipment, talent shortage, and the lagging behind of environmental protection legislation in economic development. When talking about 3D printing when expanding domestic demand, wangzhenhua analyzed that paper products are renewable environmental protection products, and there is great potential to develop paper products processing. Shandong is a major papermaking Province, with rich upstream resources. Shijiazhuang printing has a great demand for paper products in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and there is great potential to develop this market

zhangzhiyuan, consultant of China printing and equipment industry association and honorary chairman of the printing press branch, said in his summary: at a time when the international financial crisis has affected the real economy, printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should keenly study and discuss the changes in the market and seek new business opportunities from the changing market. At present, the development of printing industry presents the following characteristics: 1 Integration, upgrading and binding development. In the process of reorganization and integration, printing enterprises put forward the idea that large enterprises should strengthen offset printing and small enterprises should be specialized. One way to implement this idea is that large enterprises merge small enterprises and small enterprises actively integrate into large enterprises; The other way is anti-counterfeiting label printing, which combines small businesses to learn from each other and develop together. The other way is for small businesses that do not want to unite to find another way to develop printing editions independently, seek expertise and refinement, and create their own fist products. 2. choose the time and seek listing. Among the nearly 1400 listed companies of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, only Jielong Industry, Shaanxi Jinye, Zijiang enterprise, Jiangsu Shenlong, Xiamen Quanxing packaging and other more than ten printing enterprises Hefei printing, which can be said to be rare and few. According to relevant sources, at least one-third of the top 30 printing enterprises among the top 100 printing enterprises are planning to go public. 49 newspaper groups have gradually introduced carton printing machines to the market after completing the transformation and reform of operational assets. This year, more than 10 are preparing for listing. 3. gradient transfer from east to west. In 2008, against the background of the rapid spread of the international financial crisis, the production costs of printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta rose, and the printing industry set off a wave of industrial gradient transfer. Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and other central and western provinces made arrangements to undertake industrial transfer in coastal areas. The third Pan Pearl River Delta printing and reproduction industry cooperation and development forum and project negotiation held on november4,2008 printed matter. 54 cooperation agreements with a capital of 3.26 billion yuan were reached at the meeting, most of which were settled in the central and western regions. In conclusion, he concluded that, on the whole, opportunities and challenges coexist. The decision makers and operators of printing machine enterprises should stand at a higher angle, grasp the market trend, and formulate scientific development strategies in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise

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