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A few days ago, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on actively promoting the "Internet +" action. The highly anticipated "Internet +" concept has performed countless wonderful things. Now, another climax has occurred one after another, which not only aroused the discussion enthusiasm of all walks of life, but also brought new imagination to door and window enterprises. For the door and window industry, "Internet +" is one of the important driving forces of innovation and development, but how to do this addition still needs to be carefully handled by door and window enterprises

door and window enterprises cannot refuse the change of "Internet +"

the executive meeting of the State Council believes that promoting the deep integration of the Internet and various industries is of great significance to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and accelerate the formation of new drivers of economic development. The issuance of this opinion is an important measure to promote the expansion of the Internet from the consumption field to the production field, accelerate the improvement of industrial development level, enhance the innovation ability of various industries, and build new advantages and new drivers of economic and social development

according to the opinion, "Internet +" is to deeply integrate the innovative achievements of the Internet with various fields of economy and society, promote technological progress, efficiency improvement and organizational change, enhance the innovation and productivity of the real economy, and form a new form of economic and social development with the Internet as the infrastructure and innovation elements. In the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, the integrated development of the Internet and various fields has broad prospects and unlimited potential, has become an irresistible trend of the times, and is having a strategic and overall impact on the economic and social development of all countries

"Internet +" action shows that the country attaches great importance to the Internet and the new economic development mode with the Internet as the engine. Mobile Internet is an extension of the traditional Internet, and it is also the development trend of the future Internet. It is undeniable that when the wave of mobile Internet sweeps in, as an important part of traditional industry, the door and window industry cannot be "alone". Instead of refusing to change, it is better to take advantage of the situation and achieve nirvana

subvert the traditional development mode and stick to the traditional industries such as precision customers

doors and windows can't be trapped by "tradition", let alone be trapped in a cocoon. Development is the last word. Today's door and window market has entered the "new normal" stage. Previously, the traditional practices of the door and window industry in the past can no longer be simply continued or copied, because those can no longer fully adapt to today's "new normal" market. The mobile Internet promotes the upsurge of innovation in the traditional door and window industry, and the transformation and transformation of traditional industries are imperative

today, with the rapid rise of new mobile Internet markets, in order to seize future market opportunities, traditional door and window enterprises should actively develop information technology strategies, rely on the open advantages of mobile Internet platforms, build a perfect wireless field marketing system, and walk out of a new path suitable for their own enterprise development

innovative marketing is the most effective means to grasp the future, and it is also the core of the countermeasures and Breakthrough Strategies of door and window enterprises. Mobile marketing based on the highly developed Internet has become an effective means for door and window enterprises to carry out new marketing, and it is also a new tool for enterprises to win terminal consumer groups. Door and window enterprises should subvert the existing traditional industry model by introducing Internet thinking, stick to accurate customers with better and more convenient services, and connect online and offline with one click, so as to become the solver of customers' consumption pain points





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