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Shower space is the embodiment of life comfort. Now yiyouming glass introduces some strategies for everyone. Everyone can create their own shower space

shower space, as the most private part of home space, is not exposed in front of people, but it is indeed the most significant representative of life comfort. The old saying is not to see whether a person has money or not, not his living room, but the shower room. Put aside face and return to the origin, do the best in everything internally, and the overall quality is inevitable. If the economic ability can support it, how to create a luxurious shower space suitable for yourself You may use it for reference

private attic shower crystal curtain

in front of the shower window, the sun shines and the shade penetrates. Nature has also become a part of bathing. The visible scenery is one of the most attractive elements. Outdoor plants and sky light and cloud shadow are introduced into the shower space. There is no need to pursue deliberately, and you will get a feeling of heaven and man in nature

building strategy: the wide yiyouming shower room (sc14009 crystal curtain) is designed at the door with a wide field of vision, and the low small window just fits the edge of the shower room, so as to integrate the scenery into the shower experience

design method: the upper wall of the bathroom space is coated with white paint, the lower wall and the shower room are covered with pure white wood, the milky white board outlines delicate lines, and the space reveals a fresh and casual flavor

luxury height enjoy silver wave

under the beautiful skylight, the yiyouming shower room (sc14016 silver wave) is in the middle, and the washstand and bathroom cabinet are on one side, which shows luxury in neatness

building strategy: such a neat space layout makes the bathing space show a sacred and ethereal feeling, and makes the bathing more private and holy

enjoy the shower in the three-dimensional space

the window is located in the middle, and the rectangular yiyouming shower room (sc14019 pearl) is placed in front of the window. The high-grade Gray Crystal porcelain creates a luxurious feeling for the bathroom

building strategy: the high-grade gray wall surrounds the whole bathroom, plays a waterproof role, but also splices a three-dimensional level, and presents the shower space in a simple and friendly attitude

partition distinguishes independent flower cleaning

in the large shower room of the villa, a door opening partition wall is built between the shower area and the toilet area, so that yiyouming shower room (sc14025 flower cleaning) is relatively independent and luxurious visually

building strategy: using the decorative method of combining mirror and marble elements can create a more open space effect

leisure in front of the window

the clever collocation between yiyouming shower room (sc14031 yujingtianxia) and the window allows you to enjoy nature while taking a shower, and the appropriate distance enhances the luxury of the bathing area

building strategy: the wide natural window not only has good daylighting, but also the mottled mosaic light and shadow effect will confuse the mood of the bathroom

plain and elegant style, soft water prolongs the year

this shower room has a small space, but it is still extravagantly placed with a yiyouming shower room (sc14026 soft water prolongs the year), which more reflects the owner's luxurious attitude towards bathing

building strategy: in wall decoration, only the parts that need splash proof are paved with tiles, and the rest are paved with natural and fresh wallpaper to create a leisure and vacation atmosphere

after knowing these small strategies, are you confident? Quickly create your own shower space





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