Decoration effect drawing of 98 pingtian garden in

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This case is a beautiful picture of a newly installed 98 square meter house in Liuyuan, Lidao. The fresh pastoral style makes the room full of warmth! Let's have a look! Decoration owner files:

decoration owner community: Lidao Liuyuan decoration area: 98 square meters decoration house type: 3 bedrooms and 2 halls decoration company: participate in decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: pastoral style decoration cost: 100000

about this blue curtain, at first I was depressed, because of the color bias, the lake blue Department almost collided with the sea blue color of my home. Later, as soon as I arrived at silly sofa, I immediately made a successful transition

restaurant, one night after work, I was very tired walking from IKEA to teliyu. But because I bought this favorite table flag, I suddenly felt refreshed. And this blue is out of stock. I picked it from the model booth of teliyu. The candles also come from the effect of turning on the lights and tables in the restaurant in the fragrant phenol area of teliyu, haha. IKEA's table is convenient, but the panel quality is not good, and white is not resistant to dirt. Use it for a few days, and then match it with the tablecloth





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