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Water and electricity renovation is carried out before indoor fine decoration, and it is also an essential link in the whole decoration process. If there is a mistake in the whole link, it will bring great trouble to the future decoration work. Xiaoyu is a very careful person. She is mainly responsible for the decoration of her home. Follow Xiaoyu's decoration diary and see how she fought the water and electricity war

house information: 54 ㎡

community: Hubin Pavilion, Lihu garden, Shenzhen

decoration style: idyllic Mediterranean

decoration method: half package

decoration progress: Hydropower transformation

decoration duration: 7 days

August 28, 2013

supervisor Li asked me to discuss the layout of hydropower transformation last night. For water and electricity transformation, of course, I must have a bottom in my heart, so I rushed to make a transformation plan overnight:

I simply thought about the layout of circuit switches:

(1) Master Bedroom: TV and junction box, chandelier (dual control), bedside socket (at least two), desk position socket (at least one), wall mounted air conditioning socket and air conditioning leakage switch

(2) secondary bedroom: chandelier (control switch), bedside socket (at least one), desk position socket (at least one)

(3) living room: TV and junction box, chandelier (control switch), sofa side socket (at least two), TV wall socket (at least two), wall mounted air conditioning socket and air conditioning leakage switch; Telephone lines and Internet ports are arranged in the living room

(4) Balcony: chandelier (control switch), washing machine position socket (at least one)

(5) dining room: socket beside the dining table (at least one)

(6) washroom: wash basin position wall plug (at least one), water heater position wall plug (at least one), exhaust fan, ceiling lamp (control switch)

(7) Kitchen: wall plug (at least two), ceiling lamp (control switch)& mdash;& mdash; Refer to the water and electricity layout drawing given by the cabinet master

(8) aisle: wall lamp switch, socket

main household appliances: 1 TV, 3 wall mounted air conditioners, 1 washing machine, 1 refrigerator, gas water heater, 3-piece kitchen appliances, etc.

our waterway reconstruction is relatively small, mainly involving pipeline reconstruction:

1. The original galvanized pipes must be replaced with aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes

2. Determine the water purifier, water heater, kitchen treasure, toilet and wash basin, their location, installation method and whether they need hot water

3. Determine whether to use gas or electric water heaters to avoid temporary replacement of water heater types, resulting in repeated reconstruction of waterways

4. In addition to leaving water outlets such as wash basins and toilets in the bathroom, it is also convenient to connect them one by one. In the future, it is convenient to connect water and mop the floor

5. During the waterway reconstruction, the reserved cold and hot water supply pipes for the installation of water heaters, water distribution taps, etc




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