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On October 12, the Middle East Dubai information technology and electronic products exhibition (GITEX 2017) ended perfectly at the Dubai World Trade Center. In this super manufacturer that demonstrates the innovation of global communication and information technology, in order to save money, as the leader of IOT mobile applications, pinbang technology and its independently developed series of handheld terminals are making a grand debut again. Let's have a look. Xiaobang's handheld terminal is fighting again with Dubai GITEX, and its overseas strategy is accelerating

simbond handheld terminals are fighting again at GITEX Dubai, and overseas strategy is accelerating.

GITEX, one of the three major it exhibitions in the world, has gathered global network communication equipment manufacturers and first-class operators and service providers in the Middle East. It is an industry event regarded by major enterprises as the main battlefield in the Middle East

star products appeared and attracted much attention

the technology booth carefully built by simbond has attracted the attention of major operators around the world and enterprise users in the Middle East. The staff of pinnacle had in-depth exchanges with the visiting guests around the exhibition equipment. Many enterprises on site met the requirements of the "leadership in energy and environmental design" (LEED) standard, and the industry representatives reached cooperation intentions with pinnacle. At this exhibition, the self-developed series of handheld terminals, including RFID series products, special series products, industrial series products, general series products and scanning series products, were exhibited

pinbang X7, which can seamlessly transition between meters, attracts many overseas customers to experience with its excellent performance

rfid series products pinbang R1 and pinbang R2 have received unanimous recognition from overseas customers with excellent group reading performance and excellent overall structural design

expand its overseas territory and show its strength

this GITEX trip not only brings the latest and most cutting-edge IOT mobile application technology to the Middle East, but also transmits Chinese intelligent manufacturing to the world, which is an important step for pin Bang to expand its overseas territory

it is reported that at present, simbond has established global service institutions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and even Europe. Only by mastering the correct methods can we provide customers with high-speed, safe and high-quality handheld terminal products and solutions

from Chinese creation to Chinese intelligent manufacturing, waves of waves are rising in the world. Pinnacle keeps up with the pace and aims to use its excellent products and comprehensive services to build a brand with the principle of making Pinnacle a big increment in the world, so as to continuously export the innovation of Chinese enterprises to the global market and let the world witness the comprehensive strength of Chinese enterprises

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