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Beijing's current large-scale luxury houses were sold off. The industry said that they were forced by the real estate tax

Beijing's current large-scale luxury houses were sold off. The industry said that they were forced by the real estate tax

October 16, 2013

[China paint information] it was learned from a number of intermediaries that the new housing supply and transaction volume of second-hand residential houses in Beijing were growing, and the growth curve of new housing supply was higher than the new customer supply. Among them, the trading volume of large family "luxury houses" is rising almost every month

although from the perspective of pilot cities such as Shanghai and Chongqing, the real estate tax has not had a substantial impact on local cities so far, some wealthy people with multiple suites have felt some anxiety from the various voices transmitted by the government

the recently popular long-term mechanism for real estate regulation, including the real estate tax, which may enter the substantive promotion stage. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is considered as a node for policy overweight

Ren Zhiqiang of Huayuan Real estate, who participated in the discussion of the long-term mechanism of real estate, told this newspaper that the long-term mechanism discussion plan has been easy to draft. "At present, the four or five drafts have been invalidated, and the changes before and after are very large. The news is uncertain until the government makes it public." Ren Zhiqiang said, but he declined to disclose the details of the long-term mechanism plan that had been invalidated

Nie Meisheng, the founding president of the all China Federation of real estate chambers of Commerce (formerly the all China Federation of industry and commerce real estate chamber of Commerce), revealed that it has been several months since the consultation on the long-term mechanism was completed. The opinions of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development have all been issued, and now it is time to seek the opinions of various ministries and commissions

in April this year, the state introduced the 20% personal transfer income tax, which was the heaviest burden in history, in response to factors such as the rapid rise of house prices. At the beginning of the policy, most industry insiders had judged that, referring to historical experience, Beijing's second-hand housing market was likely to be cooled by the high tax burden. But the actual market is not so

it is learned from many intermediary agencies that the new housing supply and trading volume of second-hand housing are increasing, whether overall or medium and high-end, and even the growth curve of new housing supply is higher than that of new customers

according to the internal data provided by linkhome real estate, since this year, except for April, it has received 4 Under the influence of Taiwan's regulation and control policies such as Jiaotong (the transmission shaft of the actuator is perpendicular to the valve stem), the new daily average housing supply in the rest months increased month on month, except for the sharp decline of 52.2% month on month, and this fluctuation curve is greater than the growth rate of new customers; I love my family. The internal data provided by 21st century real estate also shows that the growth rate of new housing in Beijing is also significantly higher than that in previous years

the growth rate of second-hand luxury houses is relatively obvious. According to the exclusive data of Ritz House Research Institute, in the first ten days of October, 41 high-end second-hand houses were sold, which was equivalent to the geometric shape of the rotating body. When the tangential velocity on the contact surface was unequal, it increased by 24.24% over the same period last year. This is not the month with the highest increase. According to the monthly report released by the agency, except for April, affected by the short-term wait-and-see of the eight national market regulations, Beijing's second-hand luxury houses have been rising almost every month since this year

some real estate practitioners began or suggested others to sell second-hand large houses; Some multi suite owners are also taking action. Affected by the expectation of real estate tax, this newspaper learned that some Beijing owners sold threeorfour sets of real estate under their names one after another, and then moved to good neighborhoods such as lots, school districts and house types in one step

the transaction data of some medium and high-end real estate provided by linkhome can be proved. Take taiyangad, located in the sun palace, as an example. The second-hand houses in this community have not been available for five years. However, the transaction volume of the real estate has been increasing this year. The largest number of houses with a total price of between 10000 are the three bedrooms, followed by about 5million two bedrooms

an intermediary of linkhome said that on the one hand, the factors affecting owners to sell their houses are affected by the real estate tax step by step; On the other hand, some owners, including some foreigners, believe that it is a good time to sell their houses because of factors such as emigration or house change

mu zengbin, general manager of Kerui information group in North China, also clearly felt that more and more voices were passing that the Levy of property tax had become a consensus, which would, to a certain extent, urge multi suite holders to sell some houses

Zhang Xu of the real estate market research department of linkhome also noted that the owners' willingness to sell and listing have been relatively positive in recent months. She believes that, on the one hand, the improved property buyers have increased part of the supply due to house changing; On the other hand, while the price rose and the policy risk increased, some owners chose to settle for safety

Zhang Yuchong, a well-known real estate investor, directly suggested: "sell what should be sold. The real estate tax is sooner or later." Zhang Yuchong even suggested that as personal finance, multi suite holders can take advantage of the blank period of the policy to solve the personal housing problem in place

the cooperation degree of real estate tax promotion is not high

although at the market level, there are more and more rumors about the increase of real estate tax. However, it is not clear that the real substantive implementation is comprehensive. According to insiders close to the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the full implementation of the property tax has been suspended. The reasons behind it are "complex"

an important technical basis for the full levy of real estate tax is the National Association of housing information, which is directly related to the so-called "asset security" of some wealth classes to enhance their ability to deal with trade protectionism. In other words, it also involves the disclosure of official property and the promotion of the anti-corruption process

it was learned from the above-mentioned insiders that after the goal of 40 cities was achieved in June 2012, the National Housing Information Association has been making poor progress and has been maintained at the level of more than 60. "So far, there is no update." The person said

it was revealed that some local governments did not cooperate in the process of promoting the work of the national housing information Federation. "For example, some local governments will not synchronize data on schedule and cut off the connection with the front-end server of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development on the grounds of migrating territorial servers, resulting in data inconsistency." The person said

"by means of hackers, any connection can be connected." Renzhiqiang angrily said that the link was actually very easy. He said that the housing information link had been connected for a long time, but there was no content in it

as another technical basis for the establishment of the long-term mechanism of real estate, the unified real estate registration system is also not progressing smoothly. During the national two sessions held in 2013, the State Council proposed to integrate the existing registration functions of housing, land and forest land and establish a "unified real estate registration system"

the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of land and resources, together with the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, also initiated the drafting of the regulations on unified real estate registration. Similarly, the clear design and technical basis of the system have not yet matched

Ren Zhiqiang said that it is important to unify the registration of real estate certificate and physical property right registration, but in some cities, such as Shanxi, rent does not apply for property right certificate, so you can also buy a second set, and there are housing reform houses, which are not registered in the system at all

the above insiders said that there was no substantial progress in the long-term mechanism of real estate, including the property tax, which was expected by the public. "Everyone is waiting for the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to set the tone"

the long-term mechanism to be adjusted

however, it was learned that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development recently organized relevant people to study in Chengdu and other areas where house prices are running smoothly. The reason is that the supply and demand of Chengdu real estate market have been relatively stable, and the house price has not risen too fast

Yang Hongxu, vice president of Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute, said that according to his understanding, the real estate tax will definitely make progress, "According to the relevant caliber of the government, the second batch of pilot projects will be introduced in the near future. Of course, the reform is carried out step by step, and it will certainly take several years for the nationwide collection. Now, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Hubei are more likely to become pilot cities. Beijing is unlikely to be a pilot city with central enterprise housing and housing reform housing due to the complex real estate situation."

the information Niemeisheng disclosed about the trend of real estate regulation is relatively authoritative. According to her, she recently participated in a series of research meetings of the national development and Reform Commission and learned about the policy trend. The overall idea of the real estate policy will be that the government and the market will have a clear division of labor, for which a very important benchmark document may be issued

"the industry is looking forward to a statement after the third plenary session. At that time, the long-term mechanism of real estate will meet the market, such as real estate direct financing, real estate tax, land supply system, affordable housing, and the overall layout and planning of urbanization. Finally, a statement will be given." Niemeisheng said

Nie predicted that "the focus of government regulation in the future will be on market supervision, affordable housing and other issues, and the rest will be left to the market. As for the aspects to be solved through the market, the real estate tax and financial reform have taken a step ahead, and the land problem will be solved more in the process of urbanization."

"this shows that the government is still waiting for an opportunity to seek some support for the continuous promotion of property tax." Mou zengbin said meaningfully

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