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Description of the working principle of reciprocating vacuum pump

water ring vacuum pump (hereinafter referred to as water ring pump) is a rough vacuum pump, and the limit pressure it can obtain is 2.66 ~ 9.31kpa for a single-stage pump; For two-stage pump, it is 0.133 ~ 0.665kpa. The water ring pump can also be used as a compressor. It is a low-pressure compressor, and its pressure range is (1 ~ 2) x105pa gauge pressure (under specific conditions). Water ring pumps are widely used in many technological processes in industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, mining, light industry, papermaking, power, metallurgy, medicine and food, as well as municipal and agricultural departments, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum feeding, vacuum degassing, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration and vacuum moisture regain. Because the process of compressing gas by water ring pumps is isothermal, they can pump out flammable and explosive gases, in addition to pumping out dust, Water containing gas, therefore, this product of water ring pump is widely used in metallurgical industry, mechanical processing industry, construction engineering construction industry, engineering construction supervision, technical property supervision and other enterprises, and its application is increasing

the impeller is eccentrically installed in the pump body. When the impeller rotates in the direction shown in the figure, the water entering the water ring pump body is thrown around by the impeller. Due to the action of centrifugal force, the water forms a closed water ring of equal thickness similar to the shape of the pump cavity. The upper inner surface of the water ring is just tangent to the impeller hub (such as section I-I), and the lower inner surface of the water ring is just in contact with the top of the blade (in fact, the blade has a certain insertion depth in the water ring). During the guard, a crescent shaped space is formed between the impeller hub and the water ring, and this space is divided into several small cavities equal to the number of blades by the impeller. If the upper 0 ° of the impeller is taken as the starting point, then when the impeller rotates 180 °, the volume of the small cavity gradually increases from small to large (that is, from section I-I to ii-ii), the pressure continues to decrease, and it is connected with the suction port on the suction and exhaust disc, If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. The pressure in the small cavity space is lower than that in the pumped container. According to the principle of gas pressure balance, the pumped gas is constantly pumped into the small cavity, and it is in the process of suction at this time. When the suction is completed, it is isolated from the suction port. From section II - II to section III - III, the volume of the small chamber is gradually decreasing and the pressure is constantly increasing. At this time, it is in the compression process. When the compressed gas reaches the exhaust pressure in advance, it is vented in advance from the auxiliary exhaust valve. From section iii-iii to I-I, the volume of the small cavity connected with the exhaust port is further reduced and the pressure is further increased. When the pressure of the gas is greater than the exhaust pressure, the compressed gas is discharged from the exhaust port. During the continuous operation of the pump, the process of suction, compression and exhaust is continuously carried out, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous extraction

in the water ring pump, the auxiliary exhaust valve is a special structure, which generally adopts rubber ball valve. Its function is to eliminate the phenomenon of over compression and insufficient compression during the operation of the pump. Both of these phenomena will cause excessive power consumption. Because the water ring pump has no direct exhaust valve, and the exhaust pressure is always fixed, the compression ratio of the water ring pump depends on the end position of the air inlet and the start position of the exhaust port. However, these two positions are fixed, so they do not meet the needs of the change of suction pressure. In order to solve this problem, rubber ball valve is generally set under the exhaust port, so that when the pump cavity reaches 8 too early, the circuit breaker Protector: protect the compressor, extend the service life to the exhaust pressure, the ball valve will automatically open, and the gas will be discharged, eliminating the phenomenon of over compression. Generally, the compression ratio is determined by the lowest suction pressure when designing the water ring pump, so as to determine the starting position of the exhaust port, so as to solve the phenomenon of insufficient compression

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