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On December 18, the 15th China Internet Economic Forum 2017, jointly hosted by Internet Weekly and the information technology research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was held in Beijing. The gold I prize representing the spirit and cognition of the Internet was awarded at the conference. With its excellent performance in the industry, sales e-CRM won the 2017 best digital solution service provider award

it is reported that the golden I award, established in 2003, is an award to affirm and commend the achievements and value creation of excellent Internet enterprises in different industries or industries. It is committed to setting the benchmark of Internet enterprises, promoting the award-winning enterprises to innovate constantly and move towards a further future

shiyanze, the founder and CEO of sales e-commerce, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Internet + reshaping the connection between enterprises and customers"

the following is a compilation of highlights:

Hello, dear guests, it is a great honor to have the opportunity to share with you the importance of connection in the Internet + environment

easy to sell is an enterprise level application software for management, which can help realize the automation of internal business processes, but what is the relationship between automation and digital connection? This problem has been repeatedly considered since the establishment of sales e-commerce in 2011

in my opinion, unlike a large number of things created in the previous industrial revolution, the core of the Internet revolution is connection. Didi connects passengers and drivers, different people, and reviews connect restaurants and consumers. Every industry has been connected because of this Internet revolution, which has made the efficiency of the whole society achieve a huge and revolutionary improvement. That's why almost all the companies in China that have entered the world's top ranks are interconnected, which means that their transportation and installation are easier

but more non internet companies, in the wave of Internet +, can't well apply connection as a new generation of fertilizer synergist to the industry. They are anxious about how to catch up with the trend of the times. As a management software provider, salese hopes to apply Internet level technologies, such as mobile Internet, social networking, artificial intelligence, etc., to help traditional enterprises realize the connection between themselves and users. From marketing, customer acquisition to sales and service, it can be digitally managed, rather than limited to the automation of production, manufacturing and other business processes within the enterprise. Because different from the industrial economy era, large-scale standardized production can no longer meet the needs of consumers in the service economy era. Consumption upgrading forces enterprises to know and understand the needs of users, so as to provide them with personalized services, and connection is the bridge and key, which is the first step. After the connection, the digitalization of the whole process can precipitate enough data to support enterprises to provide more accurate and efficient customer service. This is the key point for enterprises to survive

seeing such a trend and demand, sales Yi has set its own development core and mission as reshaping the connection between enterprises and customers and helping enterprises achieve excellent customer relations. So how to realize this demand by selling CRM

first of all, we regard every link in the enterprise as the connection between people through social networking, because any brand is a group of people who gather together to produce a product or service and then sell it to another group of people. By giving each role a mobile app, easy to sell enables them to define their relationship and business processes directly and individually, so as to realize the automation of a brand, whether internal processes or external businesses. More importantly, it can also connect external marketers, and even connect terminal goods through IOT technology

let's take a look at the typical scenario of the automotive industry. In the past, when buying a car, we had to deal with 4S stores. Automobile manufacturers have very limited knowledge of end users. But in the new scenario, IOT can collect all the data of the purchased vehicle. The car is personified. It can not only tell users when and where to repair, but also tell manufacturers about users' use, opinions and feedback on the vehicle, Virtually connecting the two together not only improves the user experience, but also provides data support for enterprises to improve their products and services. This logic applies to all walks of life for customer relations, including home appliance industry, hotel industry, etc. this connection will promote great changes in the business model of a brand

in addition to helping enterprises make direct connections, easy to sell can also provide personalized services according to the characteristics of different industries. Although it is difficult, it is possible to do large-scale personalization if you can understand the logic and processes of each customer. This is completely different from the traditional way of throwing it into the channel and pushing it to consumers. Today, when the Internet is so mature, the tools and people who deeply understand customers should not be left to enterprises to solve. Let them recruit a large number of IT personnel to develop from scratch. Moreover, the difficulty of new technology development is very high. In this process, the business is still changing. If there is no flexible platform like Lego to support, every enterprise should start from scratch, which is a huge waste of resources, Therefore, to help enterprises solve this difficulty is to sell 5. Displacement measurement accuracy: 0.5% indication (regardless of gear throughout the whole process). One of the things that Yi core supports is to build components and modules. Enterprises can quickly build their own connection scenarios by using a small number of IT personnel through the sale of Yi PAAS platform and selecting suitable modules according to the characteristics of the industry and business, so as to open up the whole chain from customer acquisition to service

here I would like to share with you the content of service. The service of easy sales is different from the traditional customer service. It is a link in the whole connection chain. Whether it is after-sales service, on-site installation and maintenance service, it can be automatically completed through IOT. For example, your device automatically reports an error, and a code appears. After this code is recognized, the manufacturer will know what the problem is with the user. The CRM system can immediately and automatically send a work order to the service personnel. After the service personnel confirm the problem, they can directly send the work order to the on-site maintenance personnel. This whole process is seamless and automatic. Compared with the service experience that once or even now still had to make several calls and describe several problems to solve the problem, It is a world of difference

in order to bring such a huge experience improvement to the users of every enterprise, sales Yi has been arming itself with new technology and reconstructing the old enterprise management software. This determination and effort to provide a new possibility made sales Yi the only Chinese CRM enterprise selected in the 2017 sales automation Magic Quadrant announced by Gartner in July this year

next, sales Yi will not forget its original intention, continue to be down-to-earth in the field of CRM, overcome the difficulties of products and services, and build a real closed-loop CRM service to meet the needs of more industries

thank you

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