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Description of the commodity number of Customs machine tools

in the customs, the commodity number is the same as the tariff number, so the customs will learn the next number first for management

now it is summarized as follows according to the customs contact: Yan Xueting 18611341124/Liu Xing 13501309834 tariff number:

metal processing machine tools: the host involves 81 tariff numbers, from

among them, there are 56 kinds of metal cutting machine tools:

8456 are special processing machine tools, with a total of 7 tax codes

8457 refers to machining centers, groups and machine tools, with a total of 6 tax codes

8458 refers to lathes, with a total of 4 tax codes

8459 refers to drilling, boring and milling machines, with a total of 14 tax codes

8460 is a grinder, with 16 tax codes in total

8 good humanized design makes the experimental operation easier. 461 is gear processing, slotting machine, broaching machine, planer, a total of 9 tax codes

there are 25 kinds of forming machine tools:

8462 are metal stamping, forging hammer, shear bending, press, etc., a total of 18 tax codes

8463 are metal drawing forming machine tools, with a total of 7 tax codes

there are 17 kinds of non-metallic processing machine tools:

8464 are stone, concrete, cement, asbestos and other mineral material processing machine tools and glass cold processing machine tools, a total of 9 tax codes

8465 refers to woodworking machine tools, with a total of 8 tax codes

there are 7 kinds of machine tools, fixtures and accessories:

8466 are machine tools, fixtures and accessories, a total of 7 tax codes

but most of the time, these plastic parts on the car have one kind of numerical control device in the name of composite material: tariff number

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