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Overview of the development of domestic manufacturers of robot core parts

introduction of domestic core parts manufacturers

in terms of independent research and development of domestic technology, China also needs to increase investment and research and development of key technologies

Guangzhou CNC robot strategy has established its own system integration team to face the application enterprises, so as to seek market breakthroughs. On the one hand, this will help solve the problem that system integrators favor foreign brands and are unwilling to try domestic robots; On the other hand, connect the communication bridge between robot enterprises and application enterprises, which is conducive to the adjustment of robot R & D and production

Easton company is one of the few domestic manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights of robot core components such as controllers, AC servo, reducers, etc. all kinds of core component products are widely used in the field of control, and the market share is among the top among domestic brands. "After years of research and development and investment, the company's industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing system products have obvious advantages in welding, stacking, loading and unloading, bending and other fields. Some products, such as bending robots and their work units, have reached the international leading level." Wu Bo, chairman of Easton, said

xinshida has independent intellectual property rights in the control and driving technology of the robot body, and has independently developed six degree of freedom industrial robots, SCARA, network and other innovative products. Ji Yi, chairman of the company, said that the SCARA robots of the company are benchmarked to international brands. The number of self-produced robot bodies sold in the first half of this year has exceeded 1000, establishing a leading position in the technology of robots and the industry in China. At present, the key technologies of core components are making major breakthroughs, and some of them have been applied in the industry in small batches, reducing the external dependence of industrial core components. This will not only reduce the cost of domestic robots with an annual profit of 200million yuan, but also break the constraints of foreign brands. Two goats are detected

xinshida successfully raised 880 million yuan by issuing convertible bonds. "From the perspective of future development trends, the company's robot products are insufficient in production capacity. One of the convertible bond investment projects is to solve the problem of insufficient production capacity of the company's robot products." The relevant person in charge of the company said. Many robot enterprises have built a complete industrial chain layout with the help of the capital market. In June, 2017, xinshida purchased Zhishan intelligent control, which started from researching chlorinated white hair, manufacturing and selling servo drives and other sports products, with 405million yuan, and connected all physical layers in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment, such as control layer, drive layer, execution layer, equipment layer, engineering application, etc., creating a complete industrial chain development pattern of "core components ontology application informatization"

in 2016, Easton raised 950million yuan through fixed increase for the R & D and industrialization of robot intelligent manufacturing system, the upgrading and transformation of robot intelligent chemical plant and other projects. "At present, the production capacity of the company's robot body is about 2000 sets/year, and there are sufficient orders on hand, but there is a shortage of production capacity. The company has prepared for the rapidly expanding market, and the production capacity of the 180 Mu industrial robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park under construction is planned to be 15000 sets of robots." Introduced by Wu Bo, chairman of Easton. While increasing production capacity, Esther completed a number of overseas investment mergers and acquisitions this year, such as the wholly-owned acquisition of British trio, the holding of German m.a.i., and the participation in American Barrett company. It laid out the cutting-edge technologies in the industry in advance, and developed a complete motion control solution based on trio controller +estan servo system

science and Technology University intelligence acquired Yongqian Electromechanical, Huaxiao precision and Guanzhi automation successively last year, and completed the complete industrial chain layout of "intelligent transfer manipulator (hand) - AGV (foot) - flexible production line (body)"

Weihe tooling: Shaanxi Weihe tooling Co., Ltd. is a member of Shaanxi robot engineering center, the national robot reducer intelligent manufacturing workshop construction demonstration project, and the China robot industry alliance. As the enterprise was once a military enterprise, it did not enter the public view for a long time and began to enter the civil market in the past two years. The robot reducer of Weihe mould is RV Reducer. Previously, the company produced precision gears and has strong R & D strength

Gree Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute: Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gree Electric appliance. Founded in September 2015, it is an intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. At present, Gree intelligent equipment products cover more than 10 fields, including servo manipulator, industrial robot, intelligent storage equipment, intelligent detection, special machine tool equipment for heat exchanger, unmanned automatic production line, CNC machine tool, etc., with more than 100 specifications

Han: Based on theoretical calculation and finite element analysis, combined with cutting-edge detection system to obtain massive test data, Han's precision transmission harmonic reducer team successfully broke through the non-standard design difficulty of double arc by using multi-objective regression optimization method, and developed breakthrough harmonic reducer products

Taibang: Taibang Motor Industry Co., Ltd. is from Taiwan. Its sales department established in the mainland is a professional manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales of precision gear transmission series products. At present, the main products are: after-sales response motor, reversible motor, brake motor, brake speed regulating motor, torque motor, DC motor, worm gear motor, etc

in the past two years, the downstream demand for industrial robots is booming, and the scale of ontology manufacturers is increasing, which has driven the development of domestic core component manufacturers. With the participation of so many emerging forces, the future development of domestic industrial robots is more worthy of expectation. However, many insiders pointed out that the problem faced by domestic replacement of parts is that on the one hand, the market share is low, on the other hand, the quality reliability and stability still need to be improved

however, an executive of a large listed company said that among the complete solutions designed by the company for high-end customers, the core components of industrial robots purchased by the company are mainly from foreign-funded enterprises. "We can't afford the risks that may be caused by the superposition of quality and performance problems between our own product scheme and the purchased domestic products. Unless the customer clearly requires localization, we still prefer to purchase products from foreign-funded enterprises for core parts."

however, domestic industrial robot products have higher price advantages, and the scale of application in the field of medium and low-end manufacturing is growing. "The huge size of the domestic medium and low-end manufacturing market provides opportunities for the development of domestic industrial robots. Coupled with the gradual opening of the situation in the high-end field, China's industrial robot industry will continue to maintain high-speed growth in the future."

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