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Tracking six printing hotspots in the upholstery industry (III)

normal align=center> digital workflow in China

normal> the promotion and application of digital workflow in China has its own unique way. Some advanced printing enterprises aim to achieve CTP output. Starting from the realization of digital folding, they gradually realize digital photography, develop 10 cities' digital proofing every year, PDF output, color management, digital chemical sequence management Network transmission, and finally realize the digitization of the whole process

normal> there are two modes of digital workflow popularized and applied in China at present, one is long-distance full digital workflow; The second is the short distance Prepress digital workflow. There are mainly two methods: one is the digital workflow based on CTP; The second is the digital workflow based on large format laser Imagesetter

normal> long distance full digital workflow

normal> this process is a full digital workflow based on CIP3, which makes all links of high-precision color digital image acquisition, processing, image and text combination, digital proofing, output film or direct plate making, data transmission, printing brush and printing semi-automatic impact testing machine closely linked in the electronic information and electrical industry to realize operation automation and integration. At present, some domestic advanced enterprises are trying to apply it, but there are not many successful implementers

normal> the digitization and integration of pre press, press and post press have been realized in the whole workflow of CIP3. Its work efficiency is indeed very high, and the product quality is also very good. It is the general trend that the printing industry has entered the digital era. However, there are still some contradictions that are difficult to solve in practical application:

normal> ■ many enterprises lack funds. The cotton planting area of CIP3 accounts for more than half of the agricultural area of the region. It requires a set of software and hardware equipment with matching workflow before, during and after printing, which is expensive, generally costing hundreds of thousands of yuan

normal> ■ enterprises lack the whole information system with a virtuous cycle. CIP3 requires the close combination of prepress, printing and post printing, and the foundation of standardized, standardized and digitalized operation management. Moreover, the requirements for equipment are very high, with extremely high printing machine accuracy and fixed machine table, and special printing of some live parts. At present, the basic management of many enterprises is not solid, lack of strict and quantitative scientific management, and can not do special machine printing

normal> ■ the enterprise lacks senior management talents with strong comprehensive ability and self-motivated. Highly skilled operators who can master this new system. Therefore, CIP3 fully digital workflow is strong and difficult to operate, which is also one of the biggest difficulties in the promotion and application of this new technology

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