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Summary of the development of the global packaging market in 2011

according to the survey report "2011-2012 global packaging industry outlook: industry trends, market trends and opportunities, buyer spending and procurement strategies" released by the market research agency ICD research institute a few days ago, 59% of the respondents believe that their enterprises' operating income will increase more in the next 12 months than in the previous year. Packaging buyers are generally optimistic about the development prospects of the industry in 2011, mainly based on the strong growth of emerging markets such as India and China, the reduction of global economic uncertainties, the innovation of sales models and the improvement of production efficiency. In addition, the report believes that under the influence of industry integration and sustainable development strategy, flexible packaging will become the fastest-growing field in the packaging industry. In addition, the improvement of recycling technology and the birth of disposable packaging materials will help packaging enterprises further improve their profitability

packaging enterprises will expand and improve business efficiency and launch new products and services in 2011

according to this survey, the three major development goals of packaging enterprises in the future are to expand the existing market, improve business efficiency and launch new products and services. These three points were supported by 74%, 71% and 68% of the respondents respectively

in addition, many enterprises hope to use the existing places to increase product lines and expand factories. For example, Borealis, which is famous for providing chemical products and innovative plastic solutions, launched a new packaging film borshape

according to the survey, the innovative packaging solutions expected to be launched before the end of 2011 mainly include: easy to peel packaging, easy to open sterile cartons, protective packaging, steam valves for dispersing different products, adhesives and shrink sleeve labels

the three hot spots are growing rapidly

at present, the three fastest growing regions in the packaging industry are North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region

the strict law enforcement of the U.S. government in the food and beverage industry has forced packaging suppliers to increase investment in research and development. At the same time, consumers' urgent need for disposable beverage bottle packaging materials, aiming at the tortuous fatigue problem of partially prestressed concrete beams, has promoted the development of this market in Germany

in addition, the sustained economic growth in the Asia Pacific region has increased the demand for packaging in Singapore and other countries, promising to provide customers with lifelong consulting services and equipment maintenance services. India and China are also considered to be the packaging import markets with the most growth potential

mergers and acquisitions will further intensify

senior executives of packaging buyer companies generally believe that business mergers will continue to increase in the next year, which was agreed by 49% of respondents

affected by the rise in international crude oil prices, the profit pressure of packaging enterprises continues to increase, and the cost of raw materials is also rising. Therefore, they hope to reduce operating expenses or production costs through mergers and acquisitions

price cost pressure is still the focus

the rising price of raw materials, price pressure and cost control are the three issues that the global packaging industry is most concerned about at present. With the continuous turbulence of the oil market, the operating costs faced by enterprises are also increasing. Therefore, they need to take various measures to control costs, such as using intelligent technologies such as robots to improve production efficiency

from 2009 to 2010, 63% of packaging enterprises regarded the rise in raw material prices as their number one competitor, and 54% of respondents believed that their price pressure was too high

as the price of raw materials continues to rise, many enterprises are looking for innovative solutions to reduce costs, such as using cheap and renewable packaging materials such as cardboard

take Flint's European company as an example. Due to the shortage of important raw materials and the rise in the price of basic chemicals, the company has been trying to reduce the price of its ink, and packaging enterprises also hope to reduce their raw material costs through mass procurement

the procurement budget increases to $94 million

in 2011, the average annual procurement budget of packaging buyers is expected to reach $94 million, especially for enterprises with an annual budget of less than $10million and $500 million to $500 billion

in view of the current fierce market competition environment, enterprises all hope to expand the market for them through high-quality packaging. According to the industry survey of ICD Research Institute, the average procurement budget of packaging buyers is expected to increase by 9% in the next year, and 55% of respondents said their budget will increase by 5% to 25%

quality, price and service are the three magic weapons for packaging suppliers to participate in market competition. In addition, an enterprise's environmental protection record and social sense also deserve attention

similarly, packaging buyers also need to pay attention to three issues in the procurement process, namely, reducing internal operating costs, finding resources with lower prices, and working with selected packaging suppliers to reduce costs

about 32% of the surveyed buyers said they were willing to try e-procurement; 15% of the respondents are evaluating and using this method; Another 41% of the respondents were uncertain or unwilling to adopt this new procurement method

51% of respondents believed that packaging suppliers should win orders by reducing prices and product innovation

the improvement of customer service and the reduction of costs are of great importance to packaging buyers. Packaging suppliers can help customers optimize production processes and reduce costs through technology research and development and the development of special IT solutions. Compared with becoming the world's largest construction machinery market, such as the cost optimization packaging system developed by the packaging center of the Singapore Institute of standards and industry, it can reduce the distribution cost and logistics cost of packaging products by optimizing the use of space and packaging materials

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