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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in the northern Xinjiang of China. It is a minority autonomous region with Mongolia as the main ethnic group to strengthen exchange and cooperation inside and outside the province and at home and abroad. In recent years, with the economic development of the autonomous region, the printing industry in Inner Mongolia, especially the packaging and decoration printing industry, has made considerable progress

there are 1174 printing enterprises of various types in the region, with more than 30000 employees and an annual processing output value of nearly 1billion yuan. According to the type of enterprises, there are 98 publication printing enterprises, 175 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, 896 other printing enterprises and 5 special typesetting enterprises. Among the printing enterprises, except newspaper printing houses and some organ printing houses, the remaining 85% are private or individual enterprises

in recent years, the printing industry in Hohhot, the capital, has developed rapidly, and large and medium-sized enterprises centered on Jinqiao Development Zone have sprung up. At present, Inner Mongolia aixinda Education Printing Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia printing center, Inner Mongolia Ruide Printing Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia National Printing Factory (now renamed Inner Mongolia Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.) have all been completed and put into operation. These large fixture and beam connected enterprises have invested at least 40 to 50 million yuan, and more than 100 million yuan. Their advanced equipment and high technical level have been approved by the government Generally recognized by users and all sectors of society. There are also large-scale packaging and decoration Co., Ltd., such as aishengya, Xinya, Shengdu, Tiexin, Hebei Changshi, Liuhe Yongjin, which have invested more than 50 million to 100 million yuan, have been completed and put into operation

now the autonomous region has gradually formed a publication dairy packaging industry led by Hohhot and Baotou, a pharmaceutical box processing enterprise represented by Chifeng City, and a wine box packaging industry represented by Bayannur City

information source; China printing and equipment industry association

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