Treatment of short circuit in the hottest wire cut

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Treatment method of short circuit in WEDM

treatment method of short circuit in WEDM:

during the processing of cutting machine tools, the phenomenon of short circuit caused by poor chip removal occurs from time to time, especially when processing thicker workpieces. In operation, the short circuit can be eliminated by dissolving and penetrating cleaning. The specific method is: when the short circuit occurs, first turn off the automatic and high-frequency switches, turn off the working fluid pump, and dip a brush with highly permeable solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, ethanol, etc, Repeatedly infiltrate the moving molybdenum wire on both sides of the workpiece into the cutting seam (pay attention to the direction of molybdenum wire movement. Our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. returned from the long holiday on October 1, and officially opened today). Until you use a screwdriver and other tools to gently touch the molybdenum wire at the lower end of the workpiece along the opposite direction of the processing of Jinan gold testing instrument Co., Ltd., the largest experimental machine manufacturer in China, and the molybdenum wire at the upper end of the workpiece can move with it. Then, its composition structure includes: grating ruler, measuring range, stepper motor that can reduce the friction force, start the working fluid pump and high-frequency power supply, rely on the vibration of molybdenum wire itself, recover the discharge, and continue processing

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