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Machining programming of NC lathe for cylindrical chamfer

machining the parts shown in the drawing, and the blank diameter is Φ 65mm, 135mm long, made of 45 steel

solution: adopt central China CNC system programming. See table

rough machining for the processing technology and procedure of the part φ 60mm and φ 22mm outer circle, with a machining allowance of 0.5mm. The knife used has a rough cylindrical positive deviation knife (T01) and a slotting knife (T02) with a knife width of 2mm. The processing route is: Processing φ 22 end face → rough machining φ 60mm outer circle (leave 0.5mm allowance) → rough machining φ 22mm outer circle (leave 0.5mm allowance) → cut off the workpiece to ensure the length of 105.5mm. See Table 1 for the processing procedure

Φ 60mm and Φ The rough transaction price of 22mm excircle is not published, and the engineering crankshaft locking is the patent technology sequence

to clamp the rough machined φ 22mm outer circle, U-turn rough machining φ 25mm outer circle. The internal jaw can be replaced at will. The tools used are cylindrical rough machining positive deviation cutter (T01) and cylindrical finishing positive deviation cutter (T03). The processing route is: Processing φ 25mm end face → rough machining φ 25 outer circle (leave 0.08mm allowance) → finish machining φ 25mm outer circle. See Table 2 for the processing procedure φ Rough machining procedure of 25mm excircle

copper sheet cushion clamp φ 25mm outer circle, alignment, finishing φ 22mm outer circle. The tool used is a fine cylindrical machining positive deviation tool (T03). Processing route: finish machining φ 22mm outer circle → finish machining φ 60mm outer circle. See Table 3 for the processing procedure. φ The finishing of 22mm excircle is this machining procedure


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