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In the era of industry 4.0, "made in China" has attracted much investment attention. The concept of industry 4.0 was first proposed by the German government, which refers to the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing. Since its official launch at the Hannover Industrial Expo in April 2013, the concept of industry 4.0 was first proposed by the German government, which refers to the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing. Since its official launch at the Hannover Industrial Expo in April 2013, industry 4.0 has quickly become another label in Germany and triggered a new round of industrial transformation competition worldwide. As the first year of the 13th five year plan, 2016 is also the year of the full implementation of made in China 2025. When the epoch-making strategic docking between made in China 2025 and German industry 4.0 entered a new era, it immediately activated sharp capital market investors and deployed industry 4.0 investment opportunities one after another. In this regard, the author invited LAN Qiao and Cai bin, fund managers of Boshi industry 4.0 and Boshi industry new power fund, to talk about investment and opportunities in the era of industry 4.0

what is industry 4.0

caibin: this concept was initiated by Germany, which proposed manufacturing return. Then Japan and the United States put forward their own intelligent manufacturing plans. Thirty years of reform and opening up have made China a big manufacturing country, and many traditional industries have been bought by the Chinese. China is the second largest economy and needs to improve its competitiveness through manufacturing. This is a very urgent thing. Without good manufacturing, consumption, export or other real estate are passive water and rootless trees that we have mentioned above. Nano conductive materials are printed directly on the surface of paper or film to form circuits

Rancho: I think industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, and visual inspection will have a very far-reaching impact on the market. The first three industrial revolutions were brought about by steam engine, electric power revolution and information technology. This time, industry 4.0 will apply intelligence and big data to the industry. According to the prediction of American fund company, industry 4.0 will significantly improve the efficiency of production, increase by about 1% in the next 20 years, and increase the per capita income of the United States by 30%, which is very considerable

industry 4.0 is a broad topic. I think industry 4.0 is a global wave. In the past few years, manufacturing powers such as Germany first released the strategy of industry 4.0, the United States established the industrial interconnection alliance, and Japan proposed the strategy of new robots [0.17% capital research report]. In the 2015 work report of the Chinese government, the strategy of "made in China 2025" was formally put forward, which is the first ten-year action program of China's manufacturing industry and of great strategic significance

talk about the transformation between 2025 and traditional manufacturing industry made by China and several listed companies at home and abroad

caibin: the technical background of China's strategic plan of "made in China 2025" is that informatization has developed to a certain extent. In the era of the third automatic interconnection, the interconnection of business environment has penetrated, and the processing of industrial interconnection information has also had certain technical conditions, that is, the integration of industrialization and informatization

China now has a strong engineer bonus. For example, the re export of high-speed rail and nuclear power, and about two-thirds of consumer electronics are made in China. These are our existing advantages. Of course, we still have many things to break through and innovate, including chips and new materials

in addition, there is capital dividend. China's savings and dollar reserves are relatively large, and the valuation is relatively high. In the past few years, China has bought minerals and oil. Now it is buying technology, products and talents. We have an urgent need. Therefore, I have great confidence in the path of industry 4.0, including made in China 2025, which is also the original design intention of the fund I manage

LAN Qiao: specifically, the made in China 2025 plan has a strategic composition of 1+x, 1 that is, industry 4.0 is the main line, which is based on digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing that embodies the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology; X refers to the four changes, eight countermeasures, ten areas and other detailed things proposed in the government work report

the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry is a macro issue. Let me share my views. Manufacturing industry is the foundation of our country, and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is the way out in the future. I agree with this view very much. Through years of reform and opening up, the country has already had a relatively large foundation of manufacturing industry. On the basis of this basic pressure plate, we will carry out transformation and upgrading. Industry 4.0 is a relatively clear direction. To take a few examples, the high-speed rail industry is gradually going out through introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, and has been recognized by the world; The aerospace industry has been relatively strong and advanced; Guangzhou is a large base of automobile industry, and China's automobile manufacturing industry has been improving

opportunities and challenges coexist. Now we are facing the slowdown of global and domestic economic growth, the change of domestic population structure, so that the economic growth slows down, and we are in the transition period. It is expected that the process will last for a long time. In the process of transformation, manufacturing upgrading must be done, and this round of manufacturing upgrading is another global competition for the right to speak in the manufacturing industry, and it is also the starting point of the industry cycle. Therefore, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries attach great importance to it. In this regard, our country has proposed made in China 2025 and implemented the upgrading path of industry 4.0, with great determination and strength, and policies are constantly introduced and implemented

investment strategy around industry 4.0

Lanqiao: industry 4.0 covers a wide range of directions. For the Boshi industry 4.0 Fund I manage, the focus is to choose industries and companies, and choose the best industries and companies with the fastest growth in the industry. In terms of investment direction, the first is the general direction of China's economic transformation, including energy conservation and environmental protection due to the small load flow of the cylinder, new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, etc. The second is the industries that the national strategy focuses on, including high-end equipment [-0.10%] manufacturing, military industry, aerospace, etc. Third, industries with high growth and great potential in the future, such as new energy and new materials. In addition, before made in China 2025, China proposed seven strategic emerging industries, and there are also some quantitative indicators. For example, by 2020, these emerging industries will account for 15% of GDP, and there are many indicators like this. These industries are also the focus of investment

will the investment direction be more inclined to the gem

caibin: in fact, from the perspective of fund investment, we don't simply distinguish the main board of the gem. In our view, this is only a channel for its listing. Ultimately, investment depends on the target. One of our original intentions is to invest money in promising industries and companies. The overall valuation of gem is higher than that of the main board, but the enterprise valuation is only a static indicator. It cannot be simply said that 100 times is expensive. It still depends on the future annual performance growth and market space of enterprises

back to the position, our main investment direction is still manufacturing, national defense and military industry and computer communication industry. Made in China 2025 also includes many emerging industries, which is also our investment direction. The role of capital is to allocate resources and invest funds into promising industries in the future to help them grow

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