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Made in China: win international competition with quality improvement Abstract: manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of building a country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country and the foundation of strengthening the country. What is the overall quality level of China's manufacturing industry at present? What dimensions do we need to work together to achieve the fundamental improvement of manufacturing quality? This edition of special invitation invites relevant experts who have long paid attention to and studied this field to analyze and make suggestions

manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of building a country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of strengthening the country. What is the overall quality level of China's manufacturing industry at present? What dimensions do we need to work together to achieve the fundamental improvement of manufacturing quality? This edition of special invitation invites relevant experts who have long paid attention to and studied this field to analyze and make suggestions

the quality of manufacturing industry is the concentrated embodiment of the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry, and reflects the degree to which the manufacturing industry meets the needs of economic and social development. As a large manufacturing country, China's manufacturing quality level has made significant progress in recent years, but the overall level is not high, and the problem is still prominent. With the change of global manufacturing competition pattern and China's economic development entering the new normal, accelerating the improvement of quality level, comprehensively improving competitiveness, and realizing the improvement and upgrading of manufacturing quality in China have become important issues that need to be solved urgently

1. The overall quality of China's manufacturing industry

some manufactured products have reached or approached the international level

since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, which has not only achieved a historic change from small to large, but also greatly improved the quality level. The quality of some major equipment, consumer products and high-tech products has reached or approached the level of developed countries, resulting in a number of manufacturing enterprises with strong quality competitiveness and leading industrial development; A number of advanced major equipment represented by Shenzhou 10 manned spacecraft, Jiaolong manned submersible, J-15 fighter, Beidou satellite navigation system, etc. have been produced

the quality level of manufacturing industry is generally not high

the quality of products as a whole lags far behind that of developed countries. The overall quality level of manufacturing powers such as the United States, Europe and Japan is high, and the performance stability, quality reliability, environmental adaptability and service life of products are far ahead. The overall quality level of China's manufacturing industry is not high, and there is still a gap between the expectations of consumers and the status of a manufacturing power: the quality stability, reliability and efficiency of important products such as automobiles, CNC machine tools, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and special equipment are low; The functional grade, quality consistency and stability of steel, nonferrous metals, chemical products and other products need to be improved; Low reliability and short service life of basic components, consumer electronics and other products; A few products with high added value and high functional characteristics still rely on imports; Some products such as food, drugs and baby products have not yet established a complete life cycle quality and safety traceability system

lack of world-class high-quality manufacturing brands. The number, reputation, popularity and reputation of China's well-known manufacturing brands are far behind those of developed countries, and market recognition and customer loyalty need to be improved. Compared with the speed and scale of manufacturing development, brand building lags significantly behind. Most manufacturing enterprises have weak strategic management and marketing capabilities and lack international competition experience; Some enterprises are mainly OEM manufacturing, and have not established independent marketing channels and brands; Many enterprises' cognition of brand still stays on image and advertisement, and they do not realize the value connotation of brand; Many enterprises lack the ability to cultivate brands, and it is difficult to turn their capabilities and advantages into brand value

2. Many factors affecting the quality level of China's manufacturing industry

government level: quality standards and supervision system need to be established and improved

in terms of quality standards, some industries have low technical standards and poor applicability; Product standards and testing methods cannot keep up with the speed of new product development; The lack of key technical standards for high-tech and high value-added products makes it difficult to meet the needs of quality brand competition and development; The relevant public service capacity is insufficient and the distribution is uneven; Insufficient attention is paid to product quality control and technical evaluation capabilities, and lack of professional support for enterprise quality improvement

in terms of supervision and regulation, the quality supervision and regulation system is not perfect, the mechanism is not perfect, and the coverage and technical means of supervision and regulation are not strong; Local protectionism and departmental protectionism have aggravated regional and industrial quality and safety risks. In particular, the quality of the manufacturing industry depends on a sound and powerful trademark protection system, a strict product quality law, a scientific product safety evaluation system and complete product recall laws and regulations, and the system construction in this regard is still weak

market level: a unified and open market system with orderly competition has not been fully formed, and the market maturity is not high.

first, the compensation structure of the industry is unbalanced. Real estate, finance and other industries once became the "highland" pursued by capital, talents and enterprises. The "siphon effect" led to the manufacturing industry in a serious disadvantage in the competition with other industries. The second is the lack of consciousness, contract spirit and integrity spirit of market subjects. Due to the lack of brand awareness and pricing power, enterprises often reduce costs by saving raw materials and labor, laying hidden dangers of accidents. Third, the competitive environment is not fair enough. Regional segmentation and sector segmentation lead to insufficient competition among market players, which is prone to "bad money expelling good money". Fourth, the market maturity is not high. Enterprises can obtain considerable market share through low-quality and low price products, but quality improvement may not bring benefits in the short term, affecting the willingness of enterprises to improve and upgrade quality

enterprise level: basic ability, process, quality management system, etc. need to be improved

basic ability is insufficient. The "four bases", represented by key basic materials, core basic parts, advanced basic processes and industrial technology, still have problems of unstable quality, low accuracy retention and reliability, which have become the "bottleneck" affecting the development of China's manufacturing industry. The survey shows that 50% of China's key mechanical parts depend on imports; Machine tools, high-end medical instruments, advanced precision instruments and their core components produced by major equipment are mainly imported

the enterprise quality system management is not perfect. Many enterprises do not understand the importance of quality enough, resulting in quality management becoming a mere formality. The "five heavy and five light" phenomenon of "emphasizing scale and light quality, emphasizing design and light technology, emphasizing host machine and light 'four basics', emphasizing products and light accessories, and emphasizing sales and light service" is more prominent. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises mostly stay in the "extensive" quality management stage

3. Promoting the quality improvement of China's manufacturing industry requires multi-dimensional joint forces

strengthening the construction of quality culture with craftsman spirit as the core

promoting the whole society to establish the concept of "at present, quality is life, quality is benefit", advocating craftsman spirit, and transforming it into the code of conduct of enterprises and the public. Guide enterprise employees to focus on quality and keep improving; Regularly carry out quality and safety activities in communities, campuses and villages, constantly improve the quality awareness of the whole people, and let fake and shoddy products withdraw from the market through competition; Make full use of various media and publicity platforms, widely publicize the quality culture, establish positive examples, and form an atmosphere of "the government attaches importance to quality, enterprises pursue quality, society advocates quality, and everyone cares about quality"

give better play to the regulatory role of the government in the field of quality

firmly establish the concept of quality rule of law. Research, formulate and improve laws and regulations on product safety, product warranty, products and other aspects as soon as possible, and use legal means to solve outstanding contradictions and problems in quality development. Strengthen the construction of law enforcement system and strictly enforce the law in the production and circulation of products. We will accelerate the improvement of the quality legal supervision mechanism of local governments and relevant departments, and implement law enforcement at different levels and territories

improve product quality standards and improve the standards, measurement, certification and recognition, inspection and detection system. Speed up the formulation and implementation of manufacturing quality, safety, health, environmental protection and energy conservation standards in line with the international advanced level. Establish a number of measurement standards with high accuracy and stability urgently needed for the development of the manufacturing industry, and improve the national quality measurement, testing and traceability capabilities related to the manufacturing industry. Establish a macro monitoring system and release system for quality management. Accelerate the construction of product testing and evaluation system. We will strengthen the construction of laboratories for product life cycle quality testing, build a number of high-level industrial product quality control and technical evaluation laboratories, product quality supervision and inspection centers, and establish professional testing technology alliances

improve the government's quality supervision system and tighten the government's quality supervision of imported goods totaling about US $60billion by the Tariff Commission of the State Council. Establish and improve a quality supervision system in which local governments take overall responsibility, regulatory departments take their respective responsibilities, and enterprises are the first. Build a quality management pattern of government supervision, market regulation, enterprise subject, industry self-discipline and social participation. Fully implement the quality supervision requirements. Establish and improve the recall system of defective products. Enterprises that cannot meet the access conditions, cannot guarantee quality and safety, and still fail to meet the requirements after rectification shall be forcibly withdrawn according to law

accelerate the formation of a unified opening, and then social and private capital began to enter a market system with open, transparent information and orderly competition

form a market mechanism conducive to quality development. We will deepen the reform of monopoly industries, break regional blockades and departmental divisions, and prevent unfair competition. Formulate a negative list of market access, comprehensively clean up and abolish policies and measures that are not conducive to the construction of the national unified market, form a business environment of fair competition, transparent information, and the survival of the fittest, and form a benign mechanism for social resources and production factors to gather to high-quality products, excellent brands, and advantageous enterprises

accelerate the construction of a national unified enterprise quality credit file and product quality credit record platform. Explore the establishment of enterprise quality credit classification management system, combine quality integrity with registration, administrative licensing, financing credit, etc., and take different regulatory measures for different credit levels. In the work of enterprise registration, production license, compulsory certification, etc., the quality credit situation of a product that is heard to be the fastest and easiest to print flexible materials in the current market will be included in the basic assessment conditions. Improve the credit management of import and export enterprises and build a standardized and institutionalized credit management mechanism. Establish a "blacklist" system for dishonesty in accordance with the principle of "convenience for keeping promises and punishment for dishonesty"

promote the capacity improvement of key industries by focusing on the "four Basics" construction

strengthen the "four Basics" capacity construction of manufacturing industry. Strengthen basic research and strive to solve the key and common technologies that affect the performance and stability of basic parts (components) products. Promote the implementation of major quality improvement and technological transformation projects, and cultivate new quality advantages with technology, standards, brands and services as the core. Support quality research in key areas of the manufacturing industry. For key industries, organize to overcome a number of key common quality technologies, strengthen the development and application of reliability design, test and verification technology, and promote the use of advanced molding methods and processing methods, detection devices, and intelligence

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