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Made in Poland by Liugong under the the Belt and Road

made in Poland by Liugong under the the Belt and Road

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"what impressed me most at this exhibition was the Liugong booth, which was also the largest platform of this exhibition in Poland. Liugong and dressta (riesta) produced in Europe for the first time in Poland Participating in the Polish Industry Exhibition in the form of dual brands, the five equipment on display, namely Liugong's loader, excavator and dressta's bulldozer, show the working state of different working conditions and the tacit cooperation and cooperation between them. The perfect combination of dual brand products provides customers with different solutions. This innovative booth design and clear image display of made in Europe and Poland have strengthened our confidence in cooperation with Liugong dressta. " A supplier who has worked with Liugong and dressta for many years commented on Liugong's booth

Liugong booth

Liugong equipment was unveiled

from May 9 to May 12, the annual Poland autostra International Road Construction Expo was held in kelce, Poland. Autostada exhibition is one of the most important and prestigious engineering machinery industry events in Poland. The exhibitors mainly came from manufacturers or distributors of construction machinery and road and bridge construction machinery and equipment, as well as major parts suppliers, totaling 381. During the four-day exhibition, 140000 visitors from Poland and surrounding market countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia and other central and Eastern European countries were attracted

in this exhibition, Liugong, as the only construction machinery brand developed and manufactured locally in Europe and Poland, produced a total of five new generation bulldozers, loaders and excavators that meet the European four stage emission standards. The main models of the main automatic tensile testing machine system are: td15r extra La, td20r extra, 856h, 925e, 936E

a corner of Liugong booth

Liugong equipment attracted attention

the Polish operator association is the most influential and authoritative Construction Machinery Industry Review Association in the Polish construction machinery industry. After receiving the product introduction from Liugong staff and dealers, the members of the Polish operators' Association rushed into the cab to test the 856h loader and 925e excavator. After the operation, the evaluation of Liugong loader and excavator was: wide driving vision, reasonable ergonomic design, high comfort, integrated handle control, simple operation, low equipment noise, greatly reducing the working intensity of the operator, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Finally, 856h and 925e were given a high score

Liugong has been deeply cultivated in the Polish market for many years. At present, according to the market situation, it has re planned the distribution channel layout and further expanded and optimized the channel combination. Expand channels for Liugong's products, improve business sales, and build the Polish market into Liugong's local market. Because of the strong local support of Liugong Poland, the dealers in the new layout are also full of confidence in Liugong's business

what attracted the most attention of visiting customers in this exhibition was that Liugong Poland exhibited for the first time three loader and excavator products produced in Europe and Poland, and displayed "made in Poland" with obvious icons

group photo of customers

Dai Haowei, chairman of Liugong Europe, mentioned: "As part of Liugong's strategy, the equipment is a double knife structure of hydraulic transmission, which marks a historic and important step in the localized production of Liugong series products in Europe. Liugong Poland is rapidly growing into an important rear support for Liugong in the European market. Poland, as the strategic hinterland of Europe, the localized production scale of Liugong series products continues to expand, and three H-series loaders with the latest technology will be introduced from the Chinese headquarters to And four E-Series excavators with the latest technology are manufactured locally in Poland. As a research, development, production and manufacturing base in Europe, Liugong Poland aims to respond to customers' production needs more quickly, cultivate the European market, be closer to customers, meet the diversified personality needs of European customers, and finally improve Liugong's comprehensive operation in the European high-end market and enhance Liugong's brand awareness in Europe. "

in recent years, Liugong has continuously increased its internationalization process and become an important participant in international economic and trade cooperation and the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

Liugong, a "rooted and growing" company under the the Belt and Road, was made in Poland

in 2012, it officially acquired the civil engineering machinery division of Polish HSW company and began the localized production of series products in Poland

in 2013, liugongruista fully acquired Poland zzn company, a world-class transmission system manufacturer. It marks that Liugong Poland has obtained the product R & D, production and testing technology of core parts, forming a complete core parts R & D and production system to ensure the production and sales of a full range of complete machine product lines

in 2014, liugongrui Starr won the best Chinese investment award in Poland and the best employer in Poland, and became the best supplier of general motors for two consecutive years

in 2016, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Poland's national R & D center to jointly build Liugong's European R & D center. According to the agreement, Liugong Poland plans to invest more than PLN 100 million in the next five to ten years for the construction of Liugong European R & D center and the research and development of high-end construction machinery

it can be said that Liugong has become a manufacturer of construction machinery rooted and rapidly growing under the "the Belt and Road"

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