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Get rid of stereotypes, "made in China" in scientific research instrument manufacturing industry

do you think "made in China" is a "commendatory word" or a "derogatory word"? For a long time, China's production industry has been developing rapidly, but in the eyes of Chinese people, "made in China" has always been unable to escape the terms of OEM and Shanzhai. Therefore, many times, "made in China" is not only not proud, but more like a "derogatory term" used to foil imports on some levels. Once the scientific research industry was one of them, but today is different from the past. Today, we will stand in the field of scientific research instruments and talk about the topic of "made in China"

recently, an article published by Deutsche Welle, "the progress of" made in China "mentioned a word -" innovative spirit ". The author believes that although China in the early days pursued the balance with Western forces through market and imitation, now China has shown that using 3D printing to manufacture flat electronic composites with specific regional residual stress has turned to innovation, The West should change its stereotype of "made in China"

however, it seems that not only western countries but also China itself need to change stereotypes in the field of scientific research instruments. Of course, they are not doing scientific research, nor working in instrument manufacturers in terms of Harmonious Co Construction and protecting employees' rights and interests. They can't cut into this topic from the technical level. However, from information release to participation in exhibition reports, they privately think they can still talk about this topic. I still remember that when I participated in the Shanghai analytical biochemistry exhibition in Munich, I participated in the visit of a Chinese enterprise that mainly developed and produced laboratory pretreatment instruments. Compared with the slow development and implementation of soil remediation technology, the person in charge of the enterprise mentioned that he had also worked in the laboratory, and now the production of laboratory pretreatment instruments is largely due to his working experience at that time. But what is impressive is that the person in charge of the enterprise mentioned: "at present, China's laboratory pretreatment instruments have a large development market, but in terms of scientific research instruments," made in China "is more like a derogatory term. What we want to do is to change everyone's point of view and make laboratory pretreatment instruments that satisfy users all over the world."

in fact, both the employees of instrument enterprises and the buyers of instrument products know that imported products have more market than domestic ones. All this is directly related to the lack of independent intellectual property rights and poor stability of early domestic instruments. However, today is not the same as before. Now, the number of domestic instrument brands is increasing year by year, including old-fashioned strongmen such as spotlight technology and emerging forces specializing in specific instrument fields. What makes the world even more amazed is the new technologies born in Chinese scholars and enterprises

in the previous series of inventory, we mentioned many new technologies and products born in China's colleges and universities, including independent innovative denitration technology that breaks foreign monopoly, China's original metal induced ordered microporous polymer, and even the proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode catalyst that has caused a sensation abroad...

however, it is not to say that "made in China" is no problem now. As far as scientific research instruments are concerned, there are roughly two main problems that Chinese manufacturers need to face

first, it is made for "made in China". Now many enterprises sell instrument products under the name of production, research and marketing. However, the core components and technologies are still imported from abroad. Of course, it's not that it's wrong to do so, but logically, the core of this kind of products is not domestic, or only the shell design and assembly are completed in China. In manufacturing, it lacks core technology and strength, except that the price is difficult to compete with foreign products with the same technology

another problem is national self-confidence. Now many procurement projects will deliberately require imported instruments, and the main reason is that overseas instruments have higher accuracy and stability. But domestic instruments really can't achieve high precision and hydraulic universal data testing machine. What are the local components? Is the hydraulic universal data testing machine the product of the separation of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology, strong stability? Looking at the current overseas market, there are not a few instruments from China, especially in the field of scientific research instruments and equipment and artificial intelligence, Chinese products have almost reached the level of the rest of the world. In other words, the lack of self-confidence from our own nation is precisely one of the reasons for the limited development of domestic instruments in China

however, with the significant rise of China's comprehensive strength, more and more people begin to realize that the products of their own countries are equally reliable and powerful. I believe that under the dual promotion of independent innovation and self-awareness, the future of domestic scientific research instrument manufacturing industry is bright

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