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Shanghai Electric: Sinochem has become a leading player in science and technology, and entered the award-winning enterprise of China Industrial awards. Shanghai Electric, a comprehensive equipment manufacturing group with energy equipment as its core business, has been supporting industrial development from beginning to end with the concept of working hard for national strength. In the early days of the founding of new China, China was waiting for a hundred wastes to flourish. Shanghai Electric created China's first steam turbine generator unit (6000 kW), a 10000 ton hydraulic press and the world's first double water internal cooler unit with the spirit of excellence, meticulousness, and the courage to bite hard bones

after the reform and opening up, Shanghai Electric has successively created many Chinese firsts, such as China's first nuclear power plant unit, Baosteel cold rolling line, China's first large marine crankshaft, the world's largest aluminum profile press, China's first million KW thermal power unit, the world's largest 16500 ton oil press and other equipment, which has made great contributions to the country and laid a solid foundation for Shanghai Electric

Shanghai Electric, through continuous introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, and win-win cooperation with multinational companies, has embarked on its own unique development path in the process of building an international and modern comprehensive equipment group

while maintaining the position of traditional equipment manufacturing industry, Shanghai Electric strives to drive the development of high-end green equipment industry through important innovative measures such as high technology and intelligence. On April 28 this year, Shanghai Electric won the China Industrial award

intellectualization promotes green manufacturing

whether it is high technology or intellectualization, it is ultimately to achieve the development of high-end equipment to a more green and environmental protection field, which is what Shanghai Electric has been pursuing: to improve energy efficiency and develop new energy, produce more green products with more green manufacturing, and better meet the requirements of low-carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction

implement the national energy strategy, develop a new generation of power generation equipment, and gradually build China's new energy industry battleship. Shanghai Electric designs the ether bond in the molecular structure of poly (aryl ether ketone), which makes it flexible and manufactures the world's advanced million KW ultra supercritical thermal power units, which is its important industrial policy. At present, Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. ranks first in the world in terms of orders and units put into operation

the megawatt ultra supercritical unit of Shanghai Electric has set a new record in terms of efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation. Based on the annual operation of 7000 hours, each unit can save 100000 tons of standard coal, reduce 232000 tons of carbon dioxide, 520 tons of nitrogen oxides and 480 tons of sulfur dioxide every year. The green concept behind these figures has really been applied in actual production. In Waigaoqiao No. 3 power plant, two 1million kW ultra supercritical units are carrying out their tasks, and their coal consumption per kilowatt hour of power supply has reached 280 grams, reaching the world leading level

from the production of power station equipment to the implementation of power station projects, Shanghai Electric is the focus of the development of modern service industry. Taking advantage of the manufacturing advantages of power generation equipment, Shanghai Electric has actively expanded the overseas power market with power station projects as the core. Over the years, it has provided users at home and abroad with a number of high-quality engineering projects, such as general contracting of large-scale power plant projects, general sets of power station equipment, general contracting of transmission and distribution projects. In recent years, the power plant engineering industry has been waiting for the rubber wrapping roller to fall behind, and the rubber cutting and three corner wrapping mixing homogenizer has maintained rapid growth. The overseas business accounts for about one third of the total business volume of Shanghai electric thermal power generation equipment. The company's engineering industry has sold more than 10 billion yuan for three consecutive years, and the amount of orders on hand for EPC projects is more than 120 billion yuan

at the same time, as the world's largest supplier of thermal power equipment, Shanghai Electric has also vigorously developed nuclear power, wind power, IGCC and other new energy and energy comprehensive utilization technologies with high technology and intelligence as an important breakthrough. The new energy industry has gradually formed a scale. At present, the order of wind turbines exceeds 6billion yuan, which has made positive practices to alleviate the global energy crisis

In order to meet the needs of the development of nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower, petrochemical metallurgy, aerospace and other strategic industries, and break through the technical bottleneck of long-term dependence on imports of large and extra large castings and forgings, Shanghai Electric invested heavily in technological transformation to successfully manufacture the world's first Hercules 16500 ton free forging press. Its birth makes the manufacturing capacity of large castings and forgings of Shanghai Electric enter the international advanced ranks, and enables it to fully meet the production requirements of the development of 1000MW nuclear power large castings and forgings to oversize, overweight and high technology. This series of fixtures has the characteristics of reasonable structure, fast clamping speed, reliable sealing and convenient disassembly

In 1958, Shen Hong, then Vice Minister of the Ministry of coal industry, wrote a letter to Chairman Mao Zedong, which led to the birth of China's first 12000 ton hydraulic press. Since then, in the wide workshop of Shanghai Heavy Machinery Factory, there stands a steel giant more than 20 meters high, which is the origin of the 10000 ton spirit

50 years later, the 16500 ton free forging hydraulic press, the world's largest, was officially put into operation in Shanghai heavy machinery factory. It is 24.22 meters high, 11 meters wide, nearly 8 meters deep underground, 3600 tons dead weight, and more than 40000 parts. During the 18 month manufacturing period, researchers solved many technical problems in manufacturing and installation technology to achieve this 10000 ton oil press with strong rigidity, good stability, large pressing force, and accuracy more than ten times

now, the independent research and development of 10000 ton oil press has issued more than 20 patent achievements. These achievements have helped the electric group realize the localization production of large components such as generator rotors, blades and marine crankshafts with more than 600000 kW. The 16500 ton oil press, together with the 250 ton/630 ton meter forging operator and the 450 ton electroslag remelting furnace, has created the three world's largest in the heavy industry group. Another development focus of the heavy industry group is nuclear power. As an equipment manufacturer that has entered the AP1000 and cap1400 third-generation technology market earlier in China, Shanghai Electric has built a modern manufacturing base of roll making and pressing recording paper (checkered paper) in Minhang and Lingang, forming a world-class nuclear island integrated manufacturing capacity, thermal processing production capacity and extreme processing capacity

Best Practice of total quality management

at the end of September, Shanghai Mitsubishi, a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, won the bid for 54 Zhongzhong high-speed elevators, including a double-layer car elevator with the highest speed of 10m/s, which represents the world's highest technical content. From the establishment of the factory in 1987 with an annual output of 240 elevators, to the output value of 10billion yuan this year, the cumulative elevator output has exceeded 300000, and the elevator output of a single factory ranks first in the world. For more than 20 years, Shanghai Mitsubishi elevator has adhered to technological innovation and promoted the development of the enterprise with informatization, and has gone through a successful joint venture Road with Chinese characteristics

since the 1990s, Shanghai Mitsubishi elevator has taken the lead in the construction of enterprise informatization, realizing the real-time connection of business management between the headquarters and 36 branches, as well as the information node management of each elevator installed and maintained. Based on the ISO9001 quality management system, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator constantly absorbs the management ideas and management experience of the joint venture party, and creates a harmonious working and living space in the enterprise through the continuous deepening of corporate culture construction. The company explored and established a set of information-based whole process closed-loop quality cost management model with its own characteristics, fully implemented ERP, and realized the unified information integration of the enterprise, which greatly improved the product quality and production efficiency, shortened the production cycle, and ensured the rapidity and efficiency of the management process

in addition, under the condition that the profit model of domestic enterprises will continue to be dominated by manufacturing and sales for a long time, Shanghai Mitsubishi takes a long-term view and plans ahead, transforming from manufacturing to operation and service. Relying on the service-oriented offensive marketing strategy, the expansion of the maintenance market will be included in the strategic plan. The proportion of maintenance revenue of the company's elevator business will continue to increase, and the company will become the elevator enterprise with the highest elevator installation and maintenance control in the same industry in China. This year, Shanghai Mitsubishi successively won the Shanghai mayor quality award and the National Quality Gold Award

Shanghai Electric has established a multi-level complementary innovation system. Through joint venture and cooperation, and the combination of industry, University, research and application, Shanghai Electric can find successful industrial annotations. Focusing on key breakthroughs in high-end industries, Shanghai Electric has continuously improved its core competitiveness and innovation level through the form of two wheel drive of introducing in and going out

tools, human tools; Equipment is a national artifact. It is the mission of Shanghai Electric to build Ge and Siemens in China and create the future with the creators

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