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On May 19, the State Council officially issued the "made in China 2025" to comprehensively deploy and accelerate the innovative development of the manufacturing industry, improve quality and efficiency, and realize the transformation of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. This is also a strategic measure for China to seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and shorten the manufacturing gap with developed countries after German industry 4.0 and American industrial interconnection. Among them, the industrial automation production mode in line with China's national conditions, together with Internet + will become the two major supports for China's intelligent manufacturing in the future

as a leading low-voltage electrical enterprise, Delixi Electric has been deeply involved in the electrical market for many years. As early as 2012, when the second five-year plan was formulated, the enterprise had foreseen and decided to promote automation on a large scale. Based on the industry-specific and world-class supply chain system, Delixi Electric has vigorously promoted the transformation to an automated operation system, known as the Toyota model of the low-voltage electrical industry, through an annual investment of more than 100 million in R & D, manufacturing, testing and warehousing. Some insiders believe that the automatic supply chain of Delixi Electric also has a good reference for the transformation of the current electrical industry and solving the problem of made in China 2025

made in China 2025 points out that China, which has entered the middle and late stage of industrialization, has put forward higher requirements for the manufacturing industry in terms of the technical level of production equipment and the quality of consumer goods. How to accelerate innovation and research and improve product quality is the mission of industry leaders. It is reported that in the research and development, Delixi Electric took the lead in using industry-leading simulation software to design and draw parts to ensure that the tolerances of all parts are consistent. In terms of material selection, the best comprehensive performance can be put into production by repeatedly comparing various indexes through the automatic system. In addition, the enterprise also pastes a unique ID QR code on each part, and with the help of mobile Internet technology, it realizes a fundamental task visual experience during the whole process of product tracking and page processing from manufacturing, inventory, sales and use status. By taking the lead in eliminating the trouble of manual loading and unloading of extensometers and the resulting errors, the unique design of the structure of fully automatic extensometers will deeply integrate the latest information technology with electrical manufacturing technology, and actively explore the development mode of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future electrical industry

as described in made in China 2025, at present, the development of China's manufacturing industry is facing a two-way squeeze of the return of high-end manufacturing in developed countries and the competition of middle and low-income countries for the transfer of low-end manufacturing. Accelerating the innovation drive, increasing technological transformation and upgrading the level of industrial technology, promoting industrial quality and efficiency, and achieving positive results have become an important way to cope with the critical period of climbing over the ridge. For example, Delixi Electric improves the quality and efficiency of enterprise development by improving the automation level of production and manufacturing process. It is reported that the manufacturer of the enterprise will wear protective equipment during work and comply with the bid inviter's construction site management regulations. The automatic execution unit has replaced those repetitive jobs with standard processes and heavy workload, such as the transportation of materials in various stages. Some high-risk jobs, such as spot welding, have also been replaced by automatic machines. The liberated labor force is mainly engaged in relatively complex types of work such as large process changes and imperfect processes. Some employees who have received in-depth training have turned to more creative work. By improving the level of industrial automation, we will continue to explore how to solve the severe pressure on the manufacturing industry caused by the disappearance of demographic dividends and the overall rise of factor costs, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

in the pilot series production line, our automation rate has exceeded 70%. In addition, thanks to continuous optimization of production line design, increase of robot processes, innovation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing processes, the overall automation rate of Wuhu Industrial Park, which will be completed and put into operation in October, will also exceed 50%, reaching and surpassing the global automation level of the electrical industry. The person in charge of relevant enterprises of Delixi Electric told

under the new normal, in addition to pursuing product performance improvement, manufacturing automation and high efficiency, informatization, modern warehousing and logistics systems have also become one of the effective ways for enterprises to embrace made in China 2025. For Delixi Electric, only after being tested by an automatic testing system with dozens of checkpoints to ensure that all performance parameters are 100% qualified, can the products finally automatically enter the modern three-dimensional warehouse of the enterprise and be sent to all target markets for circulation and sales. As a product of the localization innovation of Delixi Electric, the three-dimensional warehouse with a construction area of 8000 square meters is also famous in the industry for its highly automated operation. Equipped with highly intelligent operating systems such as as as/ar and ass, Delixi Electric three-dimensional warehouse realizes the whole process of computer control, greatly speeds up the flow of information, improves the accuracy of inventory, and enables goods to be quickly and effectively delivered to 11 logistics centers across the country and major customers

thanks to the continuous high investment in automation systems over the years, our daily output has exceeded 1.5 million poles. Both quantity and quality maintain the leading position in the industry. The State implements the "made in China 2025" strategy to promote the quality and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. As an industry leader, Delixi Electric will continue to play an exemplary and leading role. In the future, we will also strengthen talent training, innovation and R & D, promote the construction of factory informatization and transparency, and lead the transformation and upgrading of China's electrical industry. Wei Yiwen, vice president of Delixi Electric, said

About Delixi Electric Co., Ltd.

Delixi Electric Co., Ltd. is a large Sino French joint venture established on November 16, 2007. It is located in Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, the capital of electrical appliances in China. The cumulative investment is nearly 2billion yuan, accounting for 240000 square meters, and has more than 10000 employees. It is the largest joint venture in China's low-voltage electrical industry

through the unremitting efforts of two generations of Delixi people for 30 years, Delixi brand has become a well-known Chinese brand. With the rising price of plastic chemical raw materials and the development of economy, the company has developed rapidly since the joint venture. It has become a company with 3 industrial production bases, 3 R & D centers, 1 innovation center, 5 sales offices, 17 sales offices, 14 regional logistics centers and 28 service points in Chinese Mainland, It is a leading low-voltage electrical appliance enterprise with 30000 sales points and more than 50 overseas sales points

Delixi Electric is an outstanding supplier of comprehensive solutions for low-voltage distribution and industrial automation. Its products are widely used in key projects in power, energy, construction, industry, infrastructure, metallurgy, aerospace and other industries. With our high-quality products and excellent services to help China's economy take off

all employees of the company take creating a happy enterprise as the goal, advocate the values of commitment, cooperation, agility and transcendence as the core, and give back to the society wholeheartedly through Delixi Electric charity fund

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