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"Smart" opens a new chapter of "made in China 2025" in 2017 Zhongyuan Automation Exhibition

"smart" opens a new chapter of "made in China 2025" in 2017 Zhongyuan Automation Exhibition

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at present, there is a tide of interconnection and industrial integration innovation around the world, and western developed countries have launched strategic measures aimed at revitalizing advanced manufacturing industries and ensuring national manufacturing competitiveness, China has entered the new normal of economy, with the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization. The pressure of intelligent oil replenishment should be applied slowly at a certain speed when manufacturing experiments are carried out. As a national manufacturing strategy, "made in China 2025" has become the top priority of China's manufacturing industry

cleaning universal experimental machine in this context, 2017 central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and the 19th Zhongyuan (Zhengzhou) international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyuan Automation Exhibition), as the most influential and appealing brand event in the central region, will once again lead the development of the manufacturing industry, comply with the strategic planning for the development of China's manufacturing industry, and vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing

"smart" opens a new chapter of "made in China 2025" at 2017 Zhongyuan Automation Exhibition

intelligent manufacturing, as the main direction of "made in China 2025", is China's strategic choice to comply with the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, reshape the manufacturing industry and develop new advantages, improve the competitiveness of the international market, build the development of asphalt based carbon fiber, and introduce the manufacturing power. It is of great significance to accelerate the supply side structural reform and promote the industry to move towards medium and high-end development

therefore, centering on the theme of intelligent manufacturing, Zhongyuan automation exhibition will drive the improvement of the digitalization and intellectualization level of various industries through intelligent manufacturing, create a professional exhibition area in the field of automation technology with major exhibitors, and set off another upsurge of intelligent manufacturing equipment procurement

this exhibition covers the fields of industrial control equipment, frequency converters, PLC, motors, testing and analysis instruments, sensors, liquid and air tightness, etc., comprehensively displaying the latest products and services in the field of international industrial control automation, and providing an efficient platform for business cooperation and exchange for the industry in Central China

the number of exhibitors, the grade of exhibitors, the exhibition area, the number of visitors, technical lectures, event planning, customer service, site layout and other aspects of the exhibition have been steadily improved. In particular, the three essence operations of "professional visitors, innovation and service" have ranked in the forefront of similar exhibitions. It is an ideal place for enterprises to learn and be familiar with the latest technologies and products. At the same time, in the exhibition area of nearly 33000 square meters, brands gather, new products gather, forums and technical seminars are held at the same time, providing the best solutions for all participants

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