Prevention of electric shock accidents during the

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Pre strict prevention of electric shock accidents during welding

1. The shell of electric welding machine and uncharged metal components must be grounded (or connected to neutral) according to relevant regulations. The terminal posts shall be well covered, and the insulation of welding handles, welding tongs and welding cables shall be good

2. A certain safety distance shall be kept between charged bodies and between charged bodies and other objects

3. The electric welding machine and power cord shall be placed at places not easy to be touched by human body

4. How to transform and upgrade polymer materials during climbing and welding, and how to innovate the 4-ball friction and wear experimental machine exhibition, we should also pay attention not to be too close to the high-voltage electricity. We should not wind the operation cable on the body or put it on the shoulder. The cable should be tied to the scaffold and other facilities, so as to avoid the damage of the insulation layer caused by stepping on such materials mixed with mineral materials extracted from seawater and polypropylene

5. When moving the welding machine, repairing the welding machine, replacing the fuse, changing the polarity and other operations, the power switch must be cut off first

6. When pushing and pulling the power switch, wear insulating gloves and stand on the side to prevent the electric arc sparks from burning the face

7. In case of electric shock, cut off the power supply immediately and give first aid on site

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