Preventive measures for cooling water circulation

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Preventive measures for failure of cooling water circulating system in large pump stations

(I) daily management and maintenance of cooling system

(1) the roof water tank and filter shall be fixed. 4. The projector shall be used away from the heat source Clean regularly to prevent garbage from blocking the pipeline

(2) regularly inspect the inlet water temperature of circulating water pump and the operation of circulating water pump and cooling tower

(3) when maintaining the water pump, the water inlet of the pump should be closed, so it is worth choosing The above information is for reference only, and safety measures shall be taken

(4) the packing pressing plate of circulating water pump shall not be too tight, too loose or inclined, and it is advisable that the dripping water does not form a line

(5) for the circulating water pump in operation, attention must be paid to the bearing temperature, pump noise, vibration, packing dripping and heating

(6) floating ball liquid level controller is installed in the roof water tank to alarm the high and low liquid levels; The connection of float ball level controller shall be checked frequently to avoid false alarm

(7) pay attention to the upper computer to display the three-phase winding and bearing temperature of the pump during operation, so as to observe whether the cooling system operates normally. Beacon welding machine

(II) fault prevention measures

(1) when the alarm of low circulating water pressure is found, the circulating water pump shall be opened immediately to ensure the normal operation of the pump, and then safety measures shall be taken to eliminate the faults of the circulating water pump

(2) if the water supply is interrupted, it should be turned off immediately. Once again, it has been praised by the people all over the country. The sealing water of the pump can not be turned off to prolong the water supply time of the reservoir

(3) in case of water supply interruption and insufficient water in the reservoir, connect the fire pipe to inject fire water into the reservoir to ensure the circulating cooling water required for pump operation

(4) when a set of cooling water circulating system fails, the bypass gate valve can be opened manually to make the cooling water circulating system operate normally

(5) when switching the power supply, the circulating pump may be shut down due to instantaneous power loss. The circulating water pump should be started within 30 seconds to prevent the pump from shutting down due to the interruption of circulating water

(6) maintenance, inspection and requirements of cooling water circulating system (see table)


inspection items inspection methods whether the standard cycle electromagnetic flowmeter is turned on visually; whether the solenoid valves are all turned on for 2 hours; whether the sundries are blocked; whether the solenoid valves are disassembled and cleaned smoothly; whether the switches are flexible for 1 month; whether the cooling water sink is blocked by sundries; visual method to keep clean for 3 months; visual method for antifreeze facilities; visual method for antifreeze facilities; safe, reliable and complete

1 year (continued table)

inspection makes entrepreneurs feel at ease in their business Inspection contents and methods for the project of running an enterprise with confidence check whether the standard cycle circulating water pump operates normally by visual method, the filler is watertight 3 months, the reservoir automatic conversion device test method conversion device is sensitive and reliable

3 months, the pipeline antifreeze facilities by visual method are safe, reliable and complete

1 year

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