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Prevention and treatment of urban gas pipeline leakage

gas is a mixed gas composed of a variety of combustible gases. Its main components are hydrogen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen hydrocarbons. When it is mixed with air to reach the explosion concentration limit, it will explode and catch fire when encountering a fire source. So, how to effectively curb the occurrence of gas leakage accidents


1. The design and construction of gas pipeline must be undertaken by the unit that has obtained the corresponding qualification certificate, and the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant specifications. The buried pipeline shall reach the depth specified in the specification in different sections and comply with the anti-corrosion and welding procedures. When the pipeline crosses roads and sewers, it shall be provided with casing as required. After the construction of indoor and outdoor pipelines is completed, relevant departments such as urban construction, public security and fire protection, and gas pipeline design units shall be organized to participate in the acceptance and pressure test as required

2. No building or large structure shall be built above or near the gas pipeline. When power, telecommunication, tap water and other engineering construction is carried out within the scope that graphene can simultaneously enhance the special performance of multiple product attributes as specified in the specification, the management and supervision on the site shall be strengthened to prevent pipeline fracture. Cause leakage accident. For example, at about 12:00 noon on December 11, 1999, a gas explosion occurred in units 1 and 2, building 8, high tech unit, high tech Industrial Development Zone, Xi'an. More than 10 people were injured. The reason is that the gas pipeline was cut off during the construction of a high-rise building in front of the residential building, resulting in gas leakage

3. Do well in pipeline maintenance and inspection. As the underground gas pipelines currently used in China are mainly cast iron pipes with poor toughness, which are prone to fracture when threatened by heavy pressure or foundation subsidence, gas companies should often organize professional technicians to carry out maintenance and inspection in key sections to eliminate hidden dangers in time

4. Establish and improve the gas safety restriction mechanism. It is necessary to formulate the management regulations of the gas industry, especially the safety management regulations, so as to provide law enforcement basis for the gas management mechanism

5. Strengthen publicity and enhance the safety awareness of users and users. TV, radio, newspapers, public service advertisements and other forms of publicity should be frequently used to popularize the common sense of safe gas use. It is strictly forbidden to refit gas pipelines or use gas facilities without permission. After the operation and use of gas, the valves should be strictly closed to prevent leakage


1. In case of pipeline gas leakage, call the alarm immediately, and timely notify the hospital and gas supply department for cooperation. On the one hand, draw the alarm line and arrange sentries around the accident site, and prohibit non rescue personnel from entering; On the other hand, the fire rescue personnel entering the gas dangerous area must wear air and oxygen respirators, and cannot take simple anti-virus measures to avoid poisoning, that is to say. In the process of accident handling, all personnel must obey the unified leadership and command, actively rescue the trapped personnel, quickly dispose of the residual gas, and strictly control various fire sources to prevent explosion accidents

2. For the gas pipeline with a diameter less than 100mm, the method of closing the gas valve can be directly adopted to extinguish the fire. However, when the facilities using gas are on fire, water vapor or nitrogen must be introduced to extinguish the fire under the condition that the pressure in the facilities is not less than 100Pa. It is strictly prohibited to suddenly close the valve on the pipeline to prevent backfire and explosion

3. When the leaked gas is burning stably, generally do not rush to put out the fire. First, the leaked combustion pipeline and its surrounding containers, pipelines, valves and other equipment as well as the buildings and structures threatened by fire and high temperature should be cooled and protected. The fire can be put out only after full preparation and sure disposal of the accident

foreign enterprises and scientific research institutions are encouraged to set up new material R & D centers and incubation bases for new material scientific and technological achievements in our province. 4. In case of explosion and fire, do not panic, and immediately close the main inlet valve and the main power gate. While using blankets, bedclothes and other water or carbon dioxide, dry powder and 1211 fire extinguishers to put out the fire, evacuate the people quickly and cut off the power and gas to prevent secondary explosion

5. It is difficult to put out the gas leakage accident. Before the cause of the accident has not been found out, the gas supply to the gas facilities shall not be restored after the above reasons have been eliminated. The wounded with dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms during the rescue shall be sent to the nearby hospital for rescue in time. Those who have lost consciousness and stopped breathing due to foaming at the mouth shall be given artificial respiration at the scene immediately and sent to the hospital for treatment after regaining consciousness

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