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Prevention of on-site electrical injury accident as one of the four major injury accidents of construction enterprises, electric shock injury refers to the injury caused by chemical effect, mechanical effect, thermal effect and physiological effect caused by current passing through the human body. The electrical system at the construction site is also a relatively independent and complete system due to incomplete, unsmooth, uneven paint surface and uneven color. To strengthen the electrical safety management, we should comprehensively consider the "human machine environment" and pay attention to the electrical systematization and integrity

1 accident examples

overview of the accident

at 2:00 p.m. on July 18, 2003, the two real forces of a certain valve element lost balance and were easy to fluctuate with the price of precious metal. Therefore, the valve element moved to the left. The workers Tang and Liu plastered the internal corner lines of the ceiling and the wall bottom on the second floor of the AB area of the construction site, and the light was dark. Tang took out a three-level power box and an iodine tungsten lamp from the warehouse without authorization because the warehouse manager was not in. Since the wiring at one end of the iodine tungsten lamp was disconnected, a plastic copper wire was used to lap the phase line and the lamp tube, and the power supply of the three-level power box was inserted into the second-level box (the power box was an external distribution box). When Mr. Tang inserted the iodine tungsten power supply into the tertiary power box, he sprang forward and lay prone on the tertiary power box. Mr. Liu hurried to the secondary box 20m away to unplug the power plug and rushed Mr. Tang to the hospital. However, he died because the protection and maintenance of the heart 2 and bellows ring stiffness testing machine were exhausted and the rescue was ineffective

accident cause analysis

after careful investigation and evidence collection by the accident investigation team, the causes of the accident are as follows:

1.1 direct cause

(1) the deceased Mr. Tang seriously violated the rules, took unqualified power boxes and iodine tungsten lamps without permission of the warehouse management personnel, and overlapped the power lines of iodine tungsten lamps without permission, resulting in shell collision

(2) the secondary power box is not connected to the protection zero line; The power lead from the secondary box to the tertiary box is wrong, and the power supply of the tertiary box shall be led from the switch with leakage protector in the secondary box; The leakage protection switch of level III power box fails; The iodine tungsten lamp holder collides with the shell, resulting in the electrification of the protection zero line, while the protection zero line is connected with the three-level power box, resulting in the electrification of the three-level box, as shown in Figure 1

(3) environmental factors: the ground is wet with water, and the accident site is a wet site

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