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The opening of the two-child policy, the transformation of shanty towns and the de stocking of real estate, together with the three favorable policies, have also affected the real estate profession, as well as the door and window agency profession in the downstream industry. Now the door and window shopping malls show a relatively hot trend, and then more door and window dealers rush into the shopping malls, and then want to share in this big cake, so before joining the door and window brand, investigate and analyze the current situation of all occupations, It will help to perform very well in the future

the development of shopping malls is a double-edged sword, which has both opportunities and challenges. With the development of door and window agency profession, all fields show a trend of diversification, personalization, integration and unity. The professional development of door and window agents is gradually sophisticated, and what will happen to the development of door and window brands

from cross-border commodities to cross-border occupations, the continuous expansion of professional extension and the continuous breaking of the gap, many door and window brands have put forward their own new ideas. In the horizontal integration, we should pay attention to the strength of door and window brands in the cross-border, so as to prevent them from rushing into new fields and producing new goods. Cooperation is the best, supplemented by independent production, and the central commodity position cannot be moved

at that time, the mainstream spending collective of all door and window shopping malls was tending to be young, and the change of young consumers' view of door and window brands and shopping malls' recognition made the conditions for door and window brands to diversify more sophisticated. In addition, with the door and window agency profession entering the new normal, from incremental shopping malls to stock shopping malls, many professional big brands are in an "increasing dilemma"

in the Internet age, user interaction is more emphasized, and import has become the key. If the goods are too single, only selling door and window goods, it is difficult to continue to interact with users and buy and sell frequently. The great role of the Internet is self-evident, which is also the reason why many top ten brands of doors and windows are working on the Internet predictably

in the era of high-speed increase in the farewell of door and window agents, in the stage of personalized and diversified spending needs, winning by commodities alone is not a long-term plan. In order to carry out very well and continuously, accelerating diversified transformation is a new breakthrough

therefore, if there is a plan to join the brand doors and windows, it is no harm to investigate and understand the current situation of the door and window brand, so that we can have a very good understanding of the brand, and then make a correct judgment




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